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Gift Ideas For A Pet-Friendly Home

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While owning a pet takes a great deal of responsibility, making sure the environment they will be living in is suitable is another grand task. Maybe you have a friend or family member who has a new pet in their home. Maybe you are looking for gifts that would benefit well in your home. Here are a few gift ideas to make sure a loved one’s home is more comfortable and organized when introducing a new pet. 

Bins And Baskets 

Large and bulky items that your pet tends to use often need a bin or basket that are a bit larger than normal. Belongings that can be kept here include toys, sweaters that your pet wears in colder weather, or boots when walking on asphalt in hot weather. A great way to keep these items out of your path is in a closed storage area. For example, keeping a basket of toys in the cabinet of an entertainment center would be perfect for when you want to play with your pet or want to keep toys out of their reach. 


While it may sound silly, hooks are pretty convenient–especially for your average furry friend. Using hooks to place leashes, collars or harnesses can be a great stocking stuffer or gift to please a new pet owner! A convenient and accessible place to store these hooks could be entry ways or mudrooms, for these spaces are easy to access when a person and their pet are on-the-go. 

Storage Organization For Smaller Items 

For smaller pets or smaller items for a pet, placing belongings together is an ideal solution. Storage ideas, including boxes or smaller bins for that matter, are possible gift ideas for the pet’s belongings. A possible idea of a place to store these items would be in a laundry room, or a place where the pet cannot access it, for example. Or, if you want it to be in an easy, accessible place, placing it in a pantry is also a possibility (of course, it should be labeled properly away from actual items that are used daily). 

Having a home that has enough storage and organization solutions for these pet-friendly goodies is hard. However, at Closet & Storage Concepts, we are here to help. You can contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation and our professionals can make your space ideal for any furry little friends running around the home.