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Four Ways To Better Organize Your Pantry

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Closet & Storage Concepts Custom White Kitchen Pantry

It’s the night before an event you’re preparing a dish for, and you’re searching your pantry for the missing ingredient you know is in there somewhere. After searching through your pantry for what feels like forever, you finally locate the ingredient in the very back, only to find it expired months ago. Though we’ve all been there, it’s certainly not fun trying to find items in an unorganized pantry. With these four tips to better organize your pantry and the help of Closet & Storage Concepts, you can enjoy cooking without the stress of a messy pantry. This way, when it’s time to try a new recipe, you know where all the ingredients are!

Closet & Storage Concepts Contemporary Custom Pantry

Take Everything Out To Sort Through 

The first step to a cleaner, more organized pantry is to take inventory of what you have! The best way to do this is to take everything out of your pantry and lay it all on the counter. Look at the expiration dates and get rid of any expired food items. Begin to separate the items left over into groups. Baking supplies should go in one pile, while canned goods should go in another. Organizing the items into categories will make trying to find an item when cooking that much easier. 

Label The Categories In Your Pantry

Now that you have separated the food items into categories, it’s time to put them back in the pantry in an organized manner. For example, all the snacks should go in one drawer, while all the breakfast items go in another. Additionally, labeling each drawer will not only help family members find items they’re looking for quickly, but it will also help to keep the pantry clean by knowing where the item goes once you’re done using it. 

Utilize Clear Containers

Clear containers are not only a great way to organize items but also a great way to see how much of an item you have left. Foods like pasta and cereal are great options for clear containers. When making a grocery list for the week, you don’t have to look inside each box to see how much of each item is left. This will also make it easier to find things in your pantry, since all the foods are clearly displayed. 

Closet & Storage Concepts White Custom Pantry with Clear Storage Containers

Add A Spice Rack

Adding a multi-level spice rack is an excellent option for storing spices. It can often be hard to find the specific ingredient you’re looking for if they’re in drawers, since you can only see the lid. Adding a spice rack with multiple tiers to your pantry lets you see all of the spices at once. This way, you don’t have to pull out every spice to find the one you’re looking for. Whether it’s a spice rack that hangs vertically or one that has multiple tiers, it’s important to choose one that allows you to see all of the spices in front of you! 

Having trouble getting started? Here at Closet & Storage Concepts, we can help build the pantry of your dreams. Gone are the days of tearing apart your pantry to find the ingredient buried in the back of the cabinet! We can help you maximize the space in your pantry while also keeping it clean. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts to get started on a more organized kitchen pantry!