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How To Create The Perfect Reading Nook

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Custom White Murphy Bed Wall Unit from Closet & Storage Concepts

Are you an avid reader looking to turn an area in your house into a cozy reading nook? Then this is the article for you! Here are a few simple steps to create the perfect reading nook, from the experts at Closet & Storage Concepts. 

Choose Where You Want Your Reading Space to Be

The first step in creating the reading nook of your dreams is choosing where you want it to be located in your house. Depending on the space, you may choose to make your reading nook smaller or bigger! Alcoves and stair landings are two great options for smaller reading nooks. Whether adding a bookshelf and a chair in an alcove or a bench and shelving on a stair landing, you’ll be sure to have a comfortable place to curl up with a good book. For bigger reading nook options, you may choose to turn your guest bedroom into a multi-faceted guest/reading room! Using your guest bedroom as a reading nook is a great way to maximize your space while also being practical about what you need. 

Invest In A Good Wall Unit

One of the most important elements of a good reading nook is finding a good place to store your books when you’re not reading them. Closet & Storage Concepts offers many different wall units that are great for storing books! Whether you’re looking for a wall unit with cabinets or you want an open unit to have your books on display, there are many different styles for every type of book collector. If you’re planning on creating a reading nook in your guest bedroom, a Murphy bed might be the best way to go. Many Murphy bed models feature bookshelves, creating the perfect environment for the guest and the reader! 

create the perfect reading nook with a custom wall unit bookcase from Closet & Storage Concepts

Make Your Reading Nook Multi-functional

Creating a space in your house for reading and storing books does not mean sacrificing other items you want to store. You can make your reading nook multi-functional by using items that have more than one purpose. Invest in a cushioned bench to sit on while you read that also provides storage underneath. This way, you now have both a comfy place to read while also being able to store items that you don’t necessarily want on display. This is especially good for smaller reading nooks where you may not have a lot of space. 

Decorate And Personalize Your Space

Now that you’ve found a place to store and read your books, it’s time to get decorating! Put some throw pillows on your chairs or lay down an accent rug to make the reading nook cozier. Add a calming photo print or art piece to personalize the space! Lastly, decorate with some light fixtures. Light fixtures are not only a great way to customize the space but also a great way to  ensure you have proper lighting for reading. 

Whether you’re about to start a new novel that just came out or you’re re-reading one of your favorites, Closet & Storage Concepts has got you covered. Contact your local experts today to get started on building the reading nook of your dreams!