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Use These Tools To Optimize Your Limited Closet Space

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You may be thinking that you need a large walk-in closet in order to fit and organize your belongings comfortably. Allow Closet & Storage Concepts to change your mind! With our custom storage techniques, we can optimize your space while maintaining a clean and beautiful look. Some techniques we can use to optimize your limited closet space include using a variety of hanging rods, adjustable shelving, and accessories. 

Hanging Rods

A staple you will find in almost every closet is a hanging rod. However, what you may not find is an assortment of multiple different rods ranging in size, type, and location. Hanging rods can be installed in a variety of different ways, especially in a custom unit. You can separate your clothing into different sections of your closet with their own hanging rod and can use longer or shorter rods depending on your volume of clothing. There are also options available that go beyond a simple rod. Sliding hanging structures are a great option for a tight space and a unique way to organize your clothing! Having the ability to choose where your rods are will also allow you to create the best organizational flow for your style. 

closet hanging rod

Adjustable Shelving

Being able to change your closet as your needs change is crucial for a closet with limited space. We will create the perfect closet for you and your space, but will also allow you to adapt to your wardrobe as we know it will change over time. Adjustable shelving will allow you to make space for anything as you can make more room for hanging clothes or create more vertical floor space. 


The assortment of organization techniques will depend on your unique space, however, there are many accessories that take up little space that could fit in your closet. There’s no need to miss out on the finer details of an organized closet with a smaller space. Some accessories to consider include jewelry drawers, hosiery drawers, valet rods, belt and tie racks, a slide-out mirror, and more! Drawers can easily be added to your custom unit and won’t eat up your space as jewelry drawers are typically pretty shallow. Valet rods and belt and tie racks are small additions on the side walls that also take up little space but offer great benefits. Lastly, a slide-out mirror will not necessarily contribute to your closet’s organization, but it will be a great asset that will make your dressing experience a breeze while fitting in your space in a discreet way!

closet belt rack
closet tie rack

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