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How To Create The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Room

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You may be limiting yourself to the possibilities of what your home could become because you’re under the impression that you don’t have enough space for what you want. Not every room in your house needs to serve only one purpose. With the help of Closet & Storage Concepts, you can create a seamless multi-purpose room that feels comfortable and cohesive. Open up the possibilities of your home’s potential by following these steps! 

Evaluate your available space

Don’t let a small space fool you. With the help of the Closet & Storage Concepts experts, you will likely realize you have space for more than you could ever imagine. We have an array of techniques to optimize your space to the greatest extent possible. We use space you may have never thought to take advantage of, use multi-functional furniture, and more, all while meeting your style needs. 

Decide what kind of room you want

The possibilities of what you can transform a room into are extensive, so don’t limit your imagination when brainstorming. Some examples of what you can turn a room into include a craft room, home office, study space, playroom, guest room, home gym, reading nook, or even a home theater!

Pick out your favorite features

What features you include in the room will vary depending on your needs. Mix and match to create the best combination for your unique space!

  • Wall Beds: The best space saver for a guest room that can be hidden and camouflaged with the rest of your decor to open up ample floor space. When the wall bed is tucked away, the space can be transformed into a whole new room. 
  • Wall Units: The key to staying organized and enhancing your room’s visual appeal. Use a wall unit to store your items in multiple different ways while also having space to display your decor. You can also include space for a TV in your wall unit, giving it an even greater purpose and saving more space. 
  • Desks: Our desks can be created in any way to best fit your space as they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Your desk can be a part of your custom wall unit to fit seamlessly into your space and allow a smooth workflow or be a separate feature. We can also provide desk space for multiple people depending on your needs. 
  • Pantry & Closet Organization: If your room has a pantry or closet, you can extend your organization and functionality by using a custom combination of shelves, drawers, hanging rods, cubbies, etc. 
  • Workbenches: A multi-functional asset that allows you to store your supplies and provides a great workspace!

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Allow your home to be transformed and increase its functionality with the ultimate multi-purpose room. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts to take these steps and get your perfect custom solution!