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Fall Wardrobe Essentials And How To Store Them In Your Closet

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Fall is quickly approaching which means our closets will likely need to be making a shift. With the colder weather, we tend to reach for warmer and bulkier clothing compared to what we have in summer. Beyond weather concerns, you also may adopt a new style to fit the season! Either way, making space in your closet for your fall items will be essential for a smooth dressing process and visually appealing space. Some fall clothing items include jackets, sweaters, cardigans, long pants, hats, scarves, boots, and more! No matter which of these items you own, Closet & Storage Concepts has the solution for all of your fall wardrobe needs.

Jackets, Sweaters, & Cardigans 

These items are going to take up much more space than the tank tops and t-shirts we may have become accustomed to in warmer weather. To get your closet ready to store these items, you will need to have ample hanging space. Using a variety of hanging techniques can be very useful, depending on the type and amount of clothing you have. Long, medium, and double-hanging rods are one of the most effective hanging techniques. If you want to store all of your jackets together but don’t have enough to fill a long rod, choosing a medium rod would be the perfect solution. Double hanging rods are a great way to utilize your vertical space that will allow you to store more clothes in the same area. These work well with shorter items if vertical space is limited. 


Storing longer pants can be done in many different ways. Some techniques to consider include hanging your pants, storing them in drawers, or displaying them on shelves. Hanging your pants is great for easy access and also allows you to see your options while putting your outfit together. Similarly to your jackets, you can choose any size of hanging rod to fit your needs. Choosing to display your jeans on your shelves offers the same accessibility benefits as hanging them would, but offers a new storage solution that could add more variety to your closet. Lastly, drawers are a classic storage solution that will keep your jeans out of sight and keep your space looking fresh and clean!

Hats & Scarves

Be sure to make room for these essential fall accessories! Hats can be displayed on shelves or tucked away in drawers or baskets. Scarves can benefit from various hanging techniques but can also be folded and stored in drawers or baskets similarly to hats. Hooks are a different hanging technique perfect for your scarves as they don’t take up too much space!


Tall boots are a popular choice for fall fashion. However, with the added height, they may not be able to be stored in the same way as your summer shoes were. A perfect solution to this would be adjustable shelving, as they can be raised to make more room. Shorter shoes can easily be stored in shoe cubbies, fences, or rails! 

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All of these storage solutions can be made custom to your closet while meeting your design and style preferences! Start the process of preparing your closet for fall today by contacting Closet & Storage Concepts to schedule a free consultation.

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