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Tips To Keep Your Pantry Organized And Prevent Food Waste

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Custom Pantry Storage

Keeping your kitchen pantry neat and organized not only makes it easier to find ingredients when cooking, but it can also help extend the shelf life of your food. Read on for some helpful tips to keep your pantry tidy in a way that prevents food from going bad prematurely.

High-Visibility Containers

Transparent containers are a great way to instantly see what’s inside your pantry. When everything is visible at a glance, you’ll be less likely to lose track of foods hidden behind opaque containers and bags. This prevents products from being forgotten and expiring. See-through canisters, jars, and storage bins make it easy to do a quick inventory of your pantry. Labels on the front maintain visibility while keeping things identified. If you want a more aesthetic option, try lazy Susan trays that can be spun around to easily view all items.

If you’re looking for quality storage solutions, a reputable manufacturer, like Closet & Storage Concepts, can help design custom pantry organizers.

Implement a First-In, First-Out System

When unpacking groceries, be sure to rotate stock and place newer items in the back. Move older products to the front to ensure they get used first before expiring. You can also group like items together and stack older packages on top of newer ones. A first-in, first-out system will keep your pantry contents rotating properly. It takes just a minute to implement each time you put groceries away.

Keep an Inventory List

Hang a whiteboard or notepad inside your pantry door and keep an ongoing list of current ingredients. Jot down items as you purchase and cross off as you use them up. This inventory reminds you what needs to be used soon before hitting its expiration date. Bonus tip – write the date purchased next to each item, so you know exactly how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. Frequently updating your list helps prevent wasting food that goes bad before you can enjoy it.

Check Expiration Dates

Make a habit of periodically scanning expiration or best-by dates, especially on shelf-stable items that get forgotten in the back. Move any short-dated products to the front of the pantry or designate a spot for foods to be used next. When ingredients are past their prime, utilize them quickly in cooking or baking to avoid having to throw them out. If you do happen to overlook something and it is expired, don’t debate over getting rid of it or donating it. The more we hang on to items that we won’t use, the more cluttered our pantry becoms.

A clean and organized pantry prevents you from losing track of ingredients and ultimately helps reduce food waste. Implementing systems like clear containers, rotating stock, keeping inventory, and checking dates will ensure nothing gets lost and expired. With a bit of effort up front, you can maintain order and maximize freshness. Reach out to us at Closet & Storage Concepts to get started on a custom-built pantry or organization system!