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Make the Most of a Tiny Kitchen

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Tiny contemporary kitchen

tiny, organized kitchen with natural light

Here in Boston, we have some of the highest home prices in the country. This means that square footage comes pretty dearly, and many people are making do with less space than they’d like. Closet and Storage Concepts of Massachusetts wants to help you to make the most of what space you do have, and one of the first places where people tend to need more room is in their kitchens. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and there’s a reason that they say the path to someone’s heart is through their stomach. But having too little space in the kitchen can make it difficult to stretch your culinary muscles; that’s why Closet and Storage Concepts offers these great tips on making the most of your tiny Boston kitchen.

Emphasize Natural Light

One of the surest ways to make a small kitchen seem bigger is to brighten it up. If you have windows, the bigger they are the better! Avoid thick, heavy curtains and dark colors, which will diminish the effect of sunlight streaming in. Instead, go for light, floaty curtains in light colors, anything that might be described as ‘airy’ will do!

Use Light Colors

This tip ties in with the last one, as making use of pale colors will help a small kitchen feel wider and more open. Dark and rich colors will make it feel enclosed and tiny, so go for wall colors like white, beige, cream, and ecru. Follow through with this principle on your cabinets and countertops. A pale stone or tile will look much better than dark granite in a tiny space.

Utilize Wall Space

Don’t let your walls be lazy, make room for more storage space by using hooks and racks to hang things that would otherwise be taking up valuable drawer and cabinet space. Hanging spice racks are a great option here, or magnetic knife racks. Floating shelves are another way you can make use of wall space. Use them to display your best china and not only will they serve as storage, but they’ll also make a great visual statement.

These tips should help you start on your way to improving the look of your kitchen and making your small spaces feel larger. If you want to go for a more serious solution, call Closet and Storage Concepts of Boston and Massachusetts today!