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The Best Ways to Organize Your Home Library

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Colorful bookshelves in attic

Bookshelf with books arranged by color

While many have embraced the transition to e-readers and kindles, in a city like Boston, which is so steeped in history, many of us can’t bring ourselves to abandon our traditional books. There’s something so satisfying about turning the pages as you progress through a story, being able to see and feel your progress. The tactile quality of real books just can’t be beaten by the lightweight e-readers, although we do concede their convenience. But who can resist that old book smell! Still, unlike kindles, where you’re library can be stored in the cloud, real books take up space, and depending on how avid a reader you are, they can be perfect fodder for clutter. That’s why Closet and Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts has some fun ways for you to organize the books in your home library.

Organize By Genre

One of the first things to do when ordering your books is to sort them by genre. It will be a lot easier to find The Hobbit if you can simply go to your fantasy section, rather than finally finding it stuck between Linux for Dummies and To Give A Mouse A Cookie. Sort genres by shelf, so that you have your non-fiction shelf, your Poetry shelf, your Young Adult shelf, and so on. This will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Organize By Author

There are two options for organizing your library once you have sorted your books according to genre. The first is to sort books alphabetically by author. This is a great method of organizing books if you are a big fan of series books, since all of the Harry Potters, for instance, will end up together. It is also the traditional method of sorting books, so it’s likely that you’re used to it and won’t become confused.

Organize By Title

If you want to shake things up a bit and think outside the box, you can organize your books by title, so that Romeo and Juliet will end up next to Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry. This is a fun way to make your book storage unique and get a little non-traditional with your organization.

Organize By Color

If none of these organizational methods sound very tempting to you, you might want to get a little right-brained with your organizational methods. Try something creative like organizing your books by color. This makes it a bit more confusing when you’re looking for a specific book, but it will make up for the inconvenience by creating bright, visual interest and making your bookshelves pop.


We hope that the next time you’re searching for a good book, you have no trouble finding one thanks to these great organizational tips from Closet and Storage Concepts of Massachusetts!