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How to Avoid Becoming a Pack Rat

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One of the simplest and most surefire ways to avoid clutter and disorganization is to let go of things you don’t need. Having a simplified, streamlined life isn’t just for those who are aiming for zen minimalism; getting rid of your unnecessary possessions, and properly organizing your necessary ones, is key to your peace of mind. Closet and Storage Concepts of Massachusetts knows that it can be hard to part with your possessions, especially things that you spent money on or that have emotional significance. Here are some great tips and tricks for de-cluttering your life, which will help you to avoid becoming another disorganized packrat.

Let Go of the Things That Aren’t Special

One of the most common items that packrats tend to hang onto, are items of sentimental value. Unfortunately, as you fill more and more memory boxes, you take up more and more space with things that you will likely never look at again. We aren’t trying to be unsympathetic, Closet and Storage Concepts knows there are plenty of important memories that you want to treasure, but it’s important to be discerning. One great way to limit unnecessary sentimental items for your kids, is to allow them one memory box each, which they can keep at the end of their beds and fill throughout the year. At the end of the school year, a great summer project is to have them go back through the box and take out anything that they don’t think is important. By the time they leave to college they will have a single memory box full of all of their most important memories with no unnecessary 7th grade spelling tests that earned an A-.

If You’re Not Going to Use It, Let It Go

We’re all guilty of this, hanging onto something because someday, someday, you just might need it. Its human nature, and it makes sense. Why would you want to buy something twice when you could just hang on to it? This is a smart move with some items which you will eventually need again, but most people have something laying around, waiting in the wings, which they will never use and don’t really have any need for. If there’s a shirt that doesn’t fit, that you haven’t worn in four years, maybe you’d be better off donating it rather than hanging on until you for sure, definitely, will lose weight. In the meantime it’s just taking up space in your closet that you could be using for a new, better shirt, which fits!

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

One key way to prevent clutter from building up is to ensure that every item in yotur house has a home. If there are items that don’t have permanent spots, they just end up piling up higgledy-piggeldy and getting in your way. If you can’t find a permanent home for something, the most likely reason is that it’s not an important thing in your life, and is thus a candidate to get rid of. This will help make cleaning easier as well, as you’ll know exactly where things need to go.


Closet and Storage Concepts of Boston and Massachusetts believes that having a cluttered space prevents people from enjoying their life to the fullest. So we hope that with these tips you can start your journey on the road to organizational success. For more storage solution, visit our Franklin showroom today!