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5 Common Household Items to Repurpose for Closet Organization

Makeup brushes in small vase

Ice cube on counterHere at Closet Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts, while we love organizing, we’re also fans of repurposing and giving new life to an old object that has passed its prime. There’s not much better than the combination of the two! The following items are a great way to be environmentally friendly by reusing and recycling, while also serving as inexpensive solutions to your organizational dilemmas.

  1. Ice Cube Trays

Not just for the freezer, they are great for storing rings, earrings, or even small necklaces. One of the best features of ice cube trays is that they are easy to stack; a great space saver and creator!

  1. Utensil Tray/ Divider

Simply turn the tray, and affix to the wall, and the tray is now a great new necklace storage option. It’s a great way to keep chain tangles from occurring and show off your necklaces. For the men, roll your ties and this is a great budget alternative to keep the ties displayed nicely and wrinkle free. You can also lay it in your desk drawer to serve as organizational dividers there.

  1. Magazines

Stack of magazines on table
If you have some old magazines lying around, try to repurpose them as boot shapers. It effectively turns excess clutter into organizing gold. Roll them length-wise (the easiest way to fold them) and insert them into your boots. This helps the boot to retain their shape. After all, no one wants floppy boots in their closet! They are perfect for both tall and short boot heights. 

  1. Planters & Extra Glasses

Depending on the size and depth of extra planters you have, they provide a decorative alternative to keep lotions and other beauty products on a bedside table or in the closet in a centralized location. You can even paint them and add decorations as you see fit. Alternatively, use them in the living room to house your remote controllers.

Makeup brushes in small vase

  1. Tuna Cans

Who knew that one little can could not only provide a meal, but also a unique storage solution? The shape will hold up great because it is made of aluminum. It’s perfect for organizing spare thread, buttons, and pins. Consider other aluminum cans to fit into drawers and fit larger or smaller items. Be careful around the metal edges though; they can be sharp!

For more great storage and organization ideas, visit Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts. We’d love to help you make the most of your space. 

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