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4 Quick Ways to Clear Up Kitchen Clutter

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With the holidays coming to an end, one of the rooms that surely saw the most traffic this season was your kitchen. Between cooking holiday feasts, eggnog accidents, and charging children, keeping the kitchen clean and organized throughout December is a task of mammoth proportions. But not to worry! Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts has the quick tips that will help your kitchen to recover from the clutter of the holiday season.

Have a Plan

If you really want to deep clean your kitchen after the holidays, that can mean time commitments must be made. But simple, small cleaning projects take much less time than something like a full deep clean of the fridge and oven. Prioritize what must be done and form a plan to tackle the tasks at hand. While you might want to invest the time in a top to bottom kitchen make-over, it’s fine if you simply need to focus on the surface details as well. After the holidays, your priority might be to make sure that all of your baking and cooking utensils are cleaned and stored in the proper place, rather than focusing on a more massive project. Determine what’s right for your needs yourself.

Pumpkin pie leftovers

Lose the Left Overs

During the holidays we tend to prepare massive amounts of food, more than we could ever eat all in one night, or even in one week. A common mistake people make is cooking too much food, but then having more leftovers than they know what to do with. While that honey-roasted ham might make a good sandwich filler on Boxing Day, if it’s still in the fridge by New Years, it’s high time to toss it. Give leftovers to friends and family, and send home whatever doesn’t get eaten with your guests. This will clear up room in your fridge and your freezer, and prevent you from packing on the pounds as you try to eat everything before it goes bad.

Delegate Tasks

Don’t think that you have to be the only one in command of the kitchen. Other people ate the food, and they can help clean up. Assign tasks to certain family members, or write up a chores list so that everyone knows what they need to do in order to keep things clean and running smoothly. Make sure that everyone’s not in the kitchen all at once though, or you risk exacerbating the problem rather than fixing it.

Focus on the Details

Pay attention to things that need to be cleaned more thoroughly than others. During the holidays there’s a lot of raw meat touching various surfaces, so don’t risk the health of your family be neglecting to clean up properly. Make sure that corners and crumbs are taken care of in order to keep things pure and pristine. You want your kitchen to be a haven of cleanliness come January!

With these tips, you’ll be able to effectively fight back against holiday mess and clutter in your kitchen!

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