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How to Store Holiday Decor

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Christmas ornaments in storage box

With the holiday season coming to a close, it’s time to start storing the decorations for next year. Organizing these items is a great way to prep for an organized New Year.

Here are some best practices from us at Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts.


There are some great plastic storage boxes with dividers for some standard sphere ornaments. Try to keep the original packaging when you buy new ornaments. Wrap your more fragile items in tissue paper or even wrapping paper. Holiday popcorn tins make for a unique storage solution and even chocolate boxes can act as a divider or padding for your ornaments. Chocolate boxes can also be used to keep ornament hooks or tops that might get lost if they were mixed with larger items.

Tree Skirts, Table Runners, and Other Fabrics

Tree skirts, table runners, and other fabric items you may have used to decorate for the holidays can be stored together. You’ll want to store them to protect against mold and moths. You can use a vacuum, sealable bag which will also allow you to save a bit of space when storing them away. Try garment bags, which you might have if you’ve recently purchased a suit or special dress, so you can hang them up in a closet rather than a bulky box. Wrapping paper crafting station built-in Boston

Gift Wrap

Probably one of those items that we have too much of in our homes, there are special gift wrap containers that can hold a few rolls, tape, and some ribbons. This is perfect to keep the entire holiday-themed gift wrap together. You can also use an under the bed storage station if your shed, garage, or attic no longer have space. Under-the-bed storage can be useful as you just have to slide out your “station”, and you’re ready to wrap again. For a more attractive option, you can also consider adding custom cabinetry specifically for crafting and gift wrapping. 

Garage/ Attic/ Closet Storage

No matter where you want to store your holiday factory for the year, this area should be organized. Try color coating the boxes for all of the holiday decorations and wrapping. You can also affix labels to the boxes with a list of a few of the items to help jog your memory if you forget by next year. Keep items you are more likely to use throughout the year, like a screwdriver, in closer reach than your seasonal items. There are some great pulley systems to make storing your decorations very convenient without any heavy lifting.

For even more storage and organization tips to use throughout the year, give Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts a call today!

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