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A Recipe for Success: The 3 Keys to Spice Rack Organization

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Any foodie will tell you, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and the key to good cooking is good seasoning. The way that the wheat is separated from the chaff in the culinary realm can be discerned through a taste of their seasoning styles. Dull, bland, and boring food falls flat, while masterpieces of the mouth are veritable fiestas of flavor all thanks to the clever and discerning use of spices and seasonings. But in order to keep the spice in your life, and your food, you need to keep your spices and seasonings organized. Anyone whose ever shaken salt in their coffee thinking it was sugar should know, spice organization is the key to culinary success. Here are the best tips to get your spice rack organized, from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts!

Out with the Old

When you decide to organize your spice rack, the first thing you should do is toss old spices. Most people don’t realize it, but most seasonings do have expiration dates, and that cream of tartar that’s been in the cupboard for five years is doing you and your food no favors. Find all of the old and expired spices and toss them. They won’t make your food taste as good as fresh spices, and could actually do more harm than good. Replace the ones you’ve thrown out with fresh spices and keep an eye out for long time lurkers that might need to be replaced going forward.

Labels are Love

Labels are always something that we advocate here at Closet & Storage Concepts. A well placed label can make your life infinitely easier. But with cooking and spices in particular, labels are essential. You may know that that mystery jar contains ghost pepper flakes, but we can guaranteed your guest who just wanted a dash of red pepper on their pizza won’t thank you for your lack of labeling! Make sure that everything in your cupboard is itemized and accounted for. This will also make it easier to quickly find and grab what you need while cooking, and realize what needs to be refilled and replaced.

Choose an Organization Method

There are plenty of ways to organize your spices, and we won’t advocate a single way over the others because everyone has their own preferred method. But the important thing is that you do have an organization system for your spices. Whichever one you choose, keep it consistent and stick to it so that your spices aren’t scattered about higgledy-piggeldy.

Some organizational options include alphabetical organization, or you can try things like sorting by flavor, keeping the sweet with the sweet, the spicy with the spicy, the savory with the savory, the salty with the salty. Another method would be to organize by use, separating your baking items from your cooking items for example. You choose what method works for your kitchen.

With these tips, your spices, as well as your cooking, should look (and taste) better in no time. For more pantry storage and organization tips, visit Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts today! Proudly serving the greater New England area including Boston, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.