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The 3 Best Places to Make Use of Hanging Storage

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Kitchen pots and pans hanging on rack

Kitchen pots and pans hanging on rack
Hanging and vertical storage is an often overlooked aspect of home organization. But here at Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts, we think that making the most of your overhead space is the key to getting the most out of any room’s storage potential. All the same, there are a couple rooms in your house that are particularly well-suited to this storage style, and we promise that if you make use of them in these rooms you will save space and simplify your life!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that serves double duty as a room that sees active use and utility but also serves as a fairly large storage space. Cupboard storage is at a premium and you’re always trying to find the perfect balance between countertops as workspaces and counter tops as storage locations. So using overhead storage in the kitchen seems like a no brainer. After all, we’ve never met anyone who felt like they had too much kitchen shelf space! One good hanging storage method is for pots and pan. These are easily hung vertically out of the way, freeing up enormous space in your cupboards. This is particularly directed at all those people who have to clear cookie sheets and pots out of the oven before they turn it on! Try installing a magnetic strip along your wall or counter to hold knives and eliminate the need for a knife block, or use hanging storage to display and store your wine glasses and bottles.

Custom garage storage system Boston

The Garage

The garage is another part of your house that is ideally suited to vertical and overhead storage. Like the kitchen, it often serves as both workspace and storage facility. Make use of wall storage first, by installing pegboard to keep all your small hand tools and gardening items off the counters. Vertical wall storage is a great way to keep long handled tools like rakes, shovels, weed whackers, and so on off the floor and out of your way. Overhead storage in the garage is ideal for things that aren’t used very often. More intensive home improvement items such as ladders can be stored here, or you can use it as storage for seasonal gear and recreational equipment like skis or bikes.

The Bathroom

While the bathroom may not seem like the most logical place to install hanging storage when compared to a room like a garage, we can assure you that especially in homes with young children, having extra storage space in the bathroom is always welcome! Use things like hanging fruit baskets to hold things like bath toys and extra toiletries out of the medicine cabinet. There are plenty of different types of shower racks that can suction to the walls of your shower and serve as spots for shampoos, body washes, and conditioners. If you have multiple people with multiple bath products sharing a bathroom, try hanging individual shower racks so that everyone’s things are kept in their own separate space.

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