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Prepping Your Home for Spring Cleaning

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Woman holding cleaning supply bucket

Woman holding cleaning supply bucket

While here in Boston it might still seem like the heart of winter, it’s important to remember that the first day of spring, has arrived! While this year has been harder than most, the summer months are coming, and we’re confident that it will start to feel more like spring soon. But with spring, comes spring cleaning. While this may be a dreaded prospect for some, it’s an important part of keeping your home spic and span and organized. With the winter doldrums still upon us, you may be tempted to skip this year’s overhaul, but we promise that with these tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts, your home will be tidied up for spring in no time!

Invest in Good Cleaning Supplies

Before you start cleaning, you should make sure that you have the best defenses against the dirt. Don’t subject your hands to harmful chemicals and dangerous rot, invest in high-quality rubber or vinyl gloves to protect your most useful body part. Don’t stick with a dirty old-fashioned mop; get one with a squeeze mechanism which will make your job easier. Using high-quality cleaning solutions will mean that your house stays cleaner for longer, and think about investing in green cleaning agents in order to cut down on your environmental impact. By having the best cleaning supplies prepared in advance, you’ll be more than ready when it comes to tackling the cleaning itself.

Dust First

Before you get into the deep cleaning, you can make your job easier by doing a thorough dusting of everything in your home. Regular dusting is ideal, of course, but none of us are perfect, and we’re sure that there are areas in your house where the dust bunnies have made headway. Get a head start on your spring-cleaning battles by battling the dust in advance.

Plan Your Strategy

When it comes to doing a deep clean of your entire house, it can be overwhelming to know where to start and how to proceed. Make things easier on yourself when the time comes by having a plan of action in place already. Try to work from the top down, for instance, so you don’t have to clean the same things twice. Go from room to room and strategize an order for cleaning that makes sense with the layout of your home. This way, when the snow finally clears, you can jump right into the deep cleaning without worrying about logistics.

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