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Vanity Organization Tips

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Vanity in custom closet New England

Vanity in custom closet New EnglandWhile the term “vanity” might not be the most flattering name for the places where we get ready in the morning, there’s no denying the importance of the place where we put on our best face. Some days it can be hard to get out of bed and face the world, and having a properly equipped vanity where you can powder and primp with ease is a helpful way to prepare you for the day. But, as with any regularly used space, this area can quickly become cluttered and messy. In order to take back this essential space, use these tips from Closet and Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts to help you bring sanity to your vanity!

Ditch the Duds

One of the keys to good organization that we always emphasize here at Closet & Storage Concepts is that less is more. For so many of us, we allow our belongings to rule us, rather than the other way around. When it comes to your vanity, this means that it might be time to downsize before you get down to the nitty-gritty of cleaning out and clearing up.

For the ladies, we all know how easy it is to stockpile and hoard makeup. Before you know it you’ve got 50 black eyeshadow palettes and 10 different lipsticks, all in the exact same shade of red! Did you know that makeup can go bad, though? Ditch the stuff that you haven’t used for awhile and make room for your daily drivers. That fluorescent shadow palette may have been fun for themed sorority parties back in the day, but when are you really going to use it again? Clearing out the things we don’t need or use often is a cathartic experience that you won’t regret.

Get Creative with Storage

Simply keeping things on your dresser or vanity counter is a quick way to run out of space. Try and think of creative storage solutions so that you can store everything you need within easy reach, without having to navigate mountains of makeup clutter. Keep your drawers clear by using silverware organizers to separate items. Use clear plastic containers with drawers to store small items so that you can easily see them and show them off. Invest in wall storage for things like nail polish collections or dangly jewelry so that it’s out of the way and unlikely to tangle. Repurpose old tins or mason jars to store things like makeup brushes. By thinking outside of the box, you’ll discover all sorts of storage solutions that you might not necessarily have tried otherwise!

Makeup brushes in unique glass jars

Create Dynamic Displays

One of the great things about a vanity is that it serves double duty, not only as a workstation but also as a piece of decorative design in its own right. Make your vanity a statement piece, which you’d be proud to show off and flaunt. Do this by displaying the most beautiful of your beauty products in attractive and eye-catching ways. Create a fancy forest of your perfume bottles on a mirrored platter, or make a jewelry tree that will bring a touch of sparkle to the room. Give your vanity a personal touch and make it your own, and you can be certain that every day you’ll be happy to sit down in front of the mirror!

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