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The Best Ways to Store Winter Clothing

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warm sweaters folded and stacked

warm sweaters folded and stackedWhile this past winter has been pretty rough on us here in Boston, spring has finally arrived and summer is just around the corner! It won’t be long until the sun is shining every day and it’ll be pools and barbecues rather than sleet and snow! The changing of the seasons means that it’s also time to change out your wardrobe. Taking out your summer clothes and storing your winter clothes is an important part of staying organized, but changing seasonal wardrobes is also a good time to ensure your clothing is being preserved in the best way possible while it’s in storage. Use these tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, MA in order to help you store your winter clothing in the best way possible!

Prepare Your Clothes for Storage

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you’re clothes are ready to be stored away for the next season. Make sure that you’ve cleaned and laundered everything in advance. This will make sure that no mildew or mold will grow while the clothes are in storage, and critters like moths won’t be attracted to the odors of dirty clothes. Make sure you’ve removed any plastic bits from your clothes, as that plastic can attract moisture that could cause yellowing.

Choose Your Storage Space Wisely

The containers you store your off-season clothes in, and the place where you choose to store those containers, are important decisions that can affect the lifespan of your clothing. Invest in some clear plastic containers, which are perfect storage solutions for your clothes. These will allow air in so that your clothing can breathe. As for where you choose to keep those bins, you should make sure it’s in a location that is cool and dark. Don’t story winter clothes in a dank, dirty attic, but rather choose a location and is clean and dry, as well as dim and not dusty.

How You Store Your Clothes Matters

Not all clothing items are made alike, and so not all clothing items should be stored in the same way. Some things are well-suited to being folded up, while others should be hung. For storing delicates made from materials like silk or cashmere, be sure to individually store them in garment bags to preserve the materials. Sweaters should never be hung, as they might stretch. Use boot trees to keep your shoes intact, and pack them with tissue paper to help them keep their shape while in storage.

With these tips, your winter clothes should be fresh and ready to go as soon as you unpack them next season, and in the meantime, you can have a worry-free summer!

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