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How to Save Space in a Small Bathroom

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Small bathroom with bright natural light

Small bathroom with bright natural lightHere in the Franklin and Boston area of Massachusetts, it’s a well-known fact that rent prices are through the roof and square footage is hard to come by. Small apartments are more and more common, and even studios can break the bank. With that in mind, it’s more important than ever to find space-saving strategies that free up more room in our cramped living quarters. The bathroom, in particular, is often times too small for all its intended uses. From hair products to makeup, toiletries to cleaning supplies, it seems like the sheer amount of objects that need to be stored in the bathroom are always more plentiful than the space that is available for them. That’s why Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts is here to help, with these space-saving tips that will help you to make the most of your bathroom space.

Make the Most of Shelf Space

Lack of countertop and surface area is a common complaint in small bathrooms. Many older homes and apartments often feature pedestal sinks that have little room for extra storage space. Try and maximize the surface area by installing floating wall shelves to take advantage of any extra vertical space you might have. These will make great storage spots for extra towels, toilet paper, or toiletries. If you have a small or unusually shaped bathroom, this can be a good way to make little alcoves or odd architectural features into useful storage spots.

Use Visual Tricks

If you really can’t squeeze in any extra space, your best bet may simply be to fool the eye by making your bathroom look more spacious than it really is. While you won’t be able to squash more stuff in, you’ll at least have a little more peace of mind by using tricks to fool the eye. First off, try to let as much natural light in as possible. If you’re faced with the prospect of tiny or no windows, opt for bold lighting and big mirrors to try and get as much illumination as possible. Nothing makes a small space feel more cramped than dim lighting. Use big mirrors if you can, in order to reflect that light into every nook and cranny, and give the impression of a doubly large room.

Cut the Clutter

Sometimes, saving space can be as simple as getting rid of things you don’t need. Only buy one bottle of each toiletry at a time, rather than stocking up on shampoo in bulk. Throw away old makeup or toiletries that you don’t use that often and stick to the essentials. Make sure that you only have as many towels as you need. If you live alone in a small apartment or studio, chances are that two will do. Try and reduce any other packrat tendencies that you might have and soon enough you’ll have plenty of room!

For more space-saving tips and ideas, visit Closet & Storage Concepts of Massachusetts today! We can add custom storage systems to help you Make Room for Life®. 

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