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How To: Build a Gym Schedule You’ll Stick To

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Writing in journal about workout plan

Writing in journal about workout planThe best workout schedule is one you’ll follow. Though most of us know the benefits of going to the gym, most of us also struggle to follow through on our plans to work out more often. Your Closet & Storage Concepts team here in Franklin, MA wants to help you organize every aspect of your life, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to make your sure your workout plan works for you. 

Make a Plan or Plan to Fail

It might sound silly but the best way to build a workout schedule that works for you is to create the schedule at all. Life throws a million different obstacles at us every day, and if your workout plan is to “hopefully go after work sometime this week,” it just frankly won’t happen.

Take an honest look at your calendar and decide what days and blocks of time work best for you to schedule time in the gym. Then, hold yourself to the appointment. You might not be meeting with someone else, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be accountable for the appointment. You owe it to your health to honor your own time.

Prep Your Gear in Advance

packed gym back on wood floorThe more easily you can get out of the door and towards the gym each day, the more likely you are to make it happen. No matter what “gear” you need for your workouts, make sure it’s prepared the day before you plan to use it. For you, prepping your gear might mean leaving your running clothes and shoes beside the bed the night before a morning run, or it might mean making snacks to put in your workout bag because you’re often too hungry after work to stop for a workout. Recognize that gear doesn’t necessarily mean exercise equipment; your workout gear is made up of the things that make your workout happen.

Know Yourself

We might also call this tip “be realistic.” If you’re not a morning person, planning to workout at 6 AM each day before your commute is planning to fail. Choose workouts that make you happy, at times that make you happy, with people that make you happy as often as you can. The more pleasant the entire experience of going to the gym is for you, the more likely you are to repeat it again and again. That’s a habit that will help keep you healthy for life.

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