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Crafting a Cleaning Schedule

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chalkboard with a list of chores

chalkboard with a list of choresWe love routines here at Closet and Storage Concepts of Boston, MA – routine wardrobe reshuffles, routine car maintenance, routine exercise schedules – whatever it is, we think making it a habit and scheduling it into your life makes it much more likely to happen. That’s why, this month, we’re taking a look at one routine that’s crucial to living your best, and most organized, life: your cleaning routine.

Most of us operate our cleaning schedules fairly haphazardly; we take care of what needs to be done at the moment when we have the energy to do it. Scheduling in different tasks to your day and keeping those appointments, though, can help you not only lead a more organized and clutter free life but also take the stress out of chores (nothing feels better than when there’s nothing hanging over your head). Read on to learn our top four tips for crafting a cleaning schedule that works for you!

  1. Find your least favorite chore….and break it up. For many people, laundry tops the list of chores they wish would just go away. Breaking your laundry into manageable chunks can make the never-ending pile seem a little more reasonable. Consider a schedule that breaks your tasks up into every-other-day segments. For example: Mondays—Darks, Wednesdays—Lights, Fridays—Towels, or whatever system makes the most sense for your household. By breaking your chores into manageable chunks, you can stay ahead of the cycle instead of feeling like you’re always playing catch up.
  1. Mix up the routine—We just recommended setting a repeating schedule for your least favorite chores, but it’s also important to infuse variety into your life to keep your cleaning schedule from feeling like a weekly slog. Don’t be afraid to mix the schedule up when it’s starting to feel too predictable!
  1. Build in fast return chores—There are some chores, like vacuuming or dusting, which let you see an immediate result for your efforts. Scheduling these chores on the days where you’ve also placed your least favorite cleaning tasks can help give you the motivation to keep going. 
  1. Take stock of the situation—As with any other routine, taking stock of your cleaning schedule on at least a bi-monthly basis is the best way to understand if the routine works for you. Ask yourself if you’re accomplishing what you need to with as little stress as possible. If you’re not, what can you change to optimize your routine?

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