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3 Items to Give Away Today

Box of plastic hangers to give away

Box of plastic hangers to give away

Clearing out the clutter can be simple – you just need to start small. Here are some things you probably own too much of that you can say goodbye to today.

Mismatched Tupperware Sets

If your kitchen cupboards can barely close, or if you’re scared of being buried alive by plastic dishware, you’re not alone. Over time, plastic containers often become dingy or get lost from their respective halves, and before you know it, you’re in the land of the lost lids. Take some time to go through your assortment and separate complete matches from incomplete ones. Tupperware sets can be especially useful for takeaway leftovers for the Thanksgiving or Christmas meals; we can’t blame you for needing some of them. Make sure you store them properly for the most efficient use of your storage. Stack your containers as best you can and use a bin to keep them all corralled. For containers without a lid, repurpose them to hold rubber bands or other items in your junk drawer. Otherwise, throw them out.


Going through a wardrobe cleanout often means that you end up with a lot of extra hangers. A mismatch of wood, plastic, or felt hangers can give your closet a disorganized look even if there are relatively few pieces inside. Keep the set that looks the best, and try to stick to uniform hangers. Give away the extras you don’t need. For metal hangers that usually come from the laundromat, bringing them back is a great way to recycle them. It also stops them from accumulating in your home, which means a more organized closet and laundry room.

Travel Toiletries

Miniature sized toiletries, much like puppies, are almost irresistible. Going through your stash can help when packing for a holiday vacation and keep your bathroom drawers cleared. From toothpaste tubes to samples of perfumes you’ll never wear, don’t feel guilty about saying goodbye to them. If you can, donate them to organizations that bring basic needs to developing countries and disaster zones or to your local women’s shelter. Many will even take the hotel toiletries that somehow end up in your suitcase. While you’re at it, start a cleanout in your bathroom. Toss expired makeup products and medicine, and maximize your storage areas by utilizing dividers and other organizers.

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