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6 Tips for a Distraction-Free Office Environment

Minimal custom white office storage Franklin

Minimal custom white office storage FranklinProcrastination is one of the biggest thieves of time. The last thing anyone wants is to feel anxious about upcoming work deadlines because they didn’t make the best use of their time. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, Massachusetts, we want you to be successful and organized throughout your life, including your office. 

Here are six tips to beat distraction and procrastination in your office:

1. Don’t keep unnecessary Internet tabs open

If you read the news online in the morning or go to other sites for fun before work, don’t leave them open during your workday. Close out of your non-work browser tabs before work and after lunch to avoid clicking on these sites during work and getting sucked in. If this is hard for you, there are online software applications that can help by blocking certain websites for a chosen amount of time.

2. Keep your workspace clean and organized

A messy desk or office can promote a chaotic mind. There’s a good chance your time-management will improve with a neater workspace, and knowing exactly where all your papers and files are will save you time. Every couple of weeks, assess your workspace and take the time to clean and organize. The same goes for your computer files. The easier things are to locate, the less stressful your day will be. 

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3. Don’t use your cell phone as your work phone

Our cell phones are home to many distractions. Text conversations, books, games, or a myriad of other apps can steal precious work time. It’s better to have an office phone on your desk and keep your cell phone turned off than to use your personal phone and be prone to its distractions. If you make the switch, make sure your friends and family have your work number for emergencies.

4. Set goals and make limits

Look at your work and decide how much you want to get done and in what amount of time. Then push yourself to achieve that goal. A to-do list is a great way to motivate yourself to accomplish a set amount of work. Also, set limits for how much downtime (or how many breaks) you can have. Fewer breaks and time spent socializing, on coffee runs, or browsing the Internet equals more time to get ahead.

5. Take a walk

If you need a break, consider taking a walk instead of browsing your favorite online sites. This can improve your health by making sure you’re not sitting longer than necessary as well as help clear your mind. If you can, get some fresh air as well. Browsing the web may be more fun, but it can be harder to get back to work afterward.

6. Take an online class

If you’re a chronic procrastinator and know it’s holding you back from your full potential, all hope isn’t lost. Take an online class in your free time. Websites like Udemy offer hundreds of online classes anyone can take at their own pace. There are even courses aimed to help adults overcome distraction and procrastination.

We hope we were able to help! If you’d like to discuss our custom office storage solutions to help take your office organization to the next level, contact your local designers at Closet & Storage Concepts in Franklin today. Proudly serving the Boston and the Metrowest area including, Medfield, Hopkinton, and Charlestown.

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