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5 Decluttering Tips For A More Organized Home

built-in garage cabinets Boston

built-in garage cabinets BostonSufficient storage is an important part of creating a home that stays clean and organized throughout the year. By being more organized you’ll have a less stressful life.

Before you can fully benefit from your storage solutions, it’s important to get rid of anything that’s unwanted or not serving a purpose in your home. Decluttering may seem like a daunting task, but we have five tips to make it a whole lot easier!

  1. Don’t Try To Do It All At Once

Rome wasn’t built in a day and trying to declutter your whole home in one day or weekend will most likely set you up for stress and failure. It’s okay to go at your own pace. Set aside an hour each day or a few hours every weekend until you’re finished. Do whatever works best for your schedule and what you feel you can accomplish in the time you have.

  1. Get Rid of 3 Items Each Day

For busy families, setting a time to declutter may not be feasible. Instead, try to donate or throw out three things each day. Anything counts – whether it’s old magazines or expired cans of food. In just one month you’ll say goodbye to 90 items, and by the end of 6 months, your home will be 500 items neater! This may seem like a lot to get rid of, but doing a little each day over time can pay off.

  1. Use a “Maybe Box”

It’s hard to get rid of sentimental items, even if we don’t use them or think about them, but if you think you’re starting to hoard more items than you say goodbye to, a maybe box is a good idea. Take a big box and put anything inside that you’re not sure you can part with. Then put the box away for a month or two. After that time has passed, only keep the items you take out of the box.

  1. Create A Month-Long List

If you’re among those who want the clutter gone ASAP, this is a good method to reclaim your home quickly without taking on too much. Just break down everything that needs to be done into smaller sections to be completed within 30 days. Assign a small decluttering task each day of the month. Just make sure to stay motivated! Getting off track and missing even just three days defeats the purpose of this method.

  1. Create Sustainable Solutions

Create a storage system so all your efforts last! Walk through each section of your home and decide how you’ll prolong the tidiness. Maybe this means donating or throwing out one item for each new one bought, or recycling magazines once they’re read instead of letting them pile up on the table. Having storage units is also important so that all of the things you do decide to keep won’t be sitting on every open surface of your home.

Find Custom Solutions

Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, MA can offer you the perfect custom storage solutions to keep your newly decluttered home organized for years to come. We offer everything from garage storage units to custom closet storage solutions. Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation and we’ll guide you through our design suggestions. Or, come to visit us in our Franklin showroom!

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