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Storage Space You Didn’t Know You Had

under the bed storage containers

under the bed storage containersMaybe you’re pretty adept at organization and you’ve done a good job of using the common storage spaces you have. The Closet & Storage Concepts Boston blog has shared some great tips and tricks in the past that might have helped you do that. But if you still feel that you’re running out of space, and you can’t think of anything else to get rid of, check out these storage ideas for finding space you didn’t even know you had.

The Doors

Sure you’ve mastered the art of organizing what’s inside your cabinets, but have you fully utilized the space behind the doors? Mounting small racks to the backside of your cabinet doors can create valuable storage space for small items, cleaners, towels, or anything you need close at hand. Don’t forget about the backs of your closet and room doors as well. A shoe organizer or mounted rack behind your door can give you lots of extra storage without taking up much space.

Down Under

If you aren’t finding ways to store items under your furniture, then you are wasting valuable storage volume! Get some rolling storage bins for underneath your bed or couch, and consider getting some furniture that can do double duty. For example, a padded box stool makes a nice extra seat when you have company over, and it doubles as a storage option for your living room items. You might also create a hidden space for storage by adding a skirt to an otherwise open piece of furniture like a coffee table.

The Harry Potter Room

If you live in a multi-story home in the Boston area, be sure not to waste the space underneath your stairs. If you have access already, this is a space that is primed for customization since it is usually out of sight. And even if it’s walled off, it’s a relatively simple remodeling job to build some shelves and create an extra closet or pantry space. Keep it open and accessible or add a door. Either way, you can put that wasted space to better use than storing cold air or young wizards.

The Wall

Walls can be an underutilized storage option. Sure, you probably have some shelving, but maybe you don’t fully appreciate all the things that could be hung from a wall and so be out of your way. Bikes are an obvious choice. They take up a lot of floor space. In the kitchen consider getting a wall-mounted rack for your pots and pans to free up cabinet space. A magnetic knife holder will allow you to get rid of that bulky knife block and help open up your countertop as well.

Top Shelf

Many closets have top shelves with a lot of vertical height. When it comes to storing clothes and other items that may be difficult to stack, it can be a challenge to fully utilize the volume you’re given. To make it easier, get yourself some shelf dividers. These mount without the need for hardware, and they effectively add an extra shelf that will allow you to stack things higher, while also acting as a horizontal divider that will aid your organizational efforts. Win-win!

The Space Between

When searching for a little more storage, don’t forget about the narrow spaces between walls and appliances and furniture. A good example of this is the space that many of us have between our refrigerator and the counter or wall. Your folding step stool, broom, or other thin items can be stored away there, but you might also consider a custom-made pullout shelving system. This can be a great place to store canned goods and other smaller dry goods if you have a proper shelf.


Lastly, let’s not forget about the ceiling. In many areas of your home you won’t want your stored items to be hanging over your head, but in places like the garage you may be missing out on a valuable storage opportunity. You can easily create some ceiling mounted shelves to store your gear, or suspend some bungee cords to create flexible bands to hold up lighter items such as pool toys.

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