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Why Your Boston Home Needs a Wall Bed

wall bed and storage cabinetry New England

wall bed and storage cabinetry New EnglandHave you always wanted a place that can be primarily used for a home office but still house the occasional guest? Or maybe you are short on space and need a way to make the most of it so you don’t have to settle for sleeping out on a pullout couch? A Murphy wall bed may be the perfect solution to your storage dilemma for your Boston, Massachusetts home. Here are just a few reasons why your home needs a wall bed.

Achieve Multi-Functionality

Wall beds, often called Murphy beds, are the perfect solution for creating a multi-functional room. You don’t have to create new walls to achieve two new rooms to serve two different purposes. A wall bed is easily stowed when you need an office space or craft room. When guests come into town, your space is easily transformed into a welcoming guest room. Your bed will conveniently pull down from the cabinet system. They can even work well in a kid’s room or living room as they can comfortably sleep a child a night, but act as a playroom or study space during the day.

Guests Benefit

Not only will you be able to maximize your space with a wall bed, your guests will even benefit. They are sturdy, and our installation team verifies that the wall bed is safe to use. They are often just as comfortable as a normal bed and leagues away from a lumpy couch. By having their own room and a designated area to relax, guests will appreciate added privacy. This means a more harmonious time for everyone – no tiptoeing around downstairs if your guest is asleep.

Easy Disguise

Our designs are sleek and look like they belong in your room. Because our wall beds are built in our own factory, they are custom for your home and your needs no matter how complex. They are perfect for Boston homes no matter the style because we offer a wide selection of quality finishes and styles so you can rest easy knowing that it will fit your home perfectly.

Maximize Space

Murphy beds were originally designed and invented for William L. Murphy’s small apartment. Today, they’re still great at maximizing space especially in condos or apartments. They can help because you don’t have to store them in a closet giving you more room for your clothes. In addition, other storage units can be built with your Murphy bed to help you make the most of your space.

Find a wall bed for your Boston home today and consult with a home storage expert from Closet & Storage Concepts. We serve the greater Boston area including Franklin and Medfield. Stop by our Franklin showroom to see a wall bed for yourself.

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