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Top Organization Projects for Kids

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School is almost out and kids are looking forward to the breezy days of summer. This free time can also be the perfect opportunity to focus on developing good habits around the house. At Closet & Storage Concepts in Franklin, MA, we love to give you ideas to organize your whole home. Plan to tackle some of these kid-friendly projects this summer, and the entire family will benefit.


Garages work overtime in the summer. With all the outdoor recreation and gear that goes along with it, your family can be in and out of the garage all day long. Getting this space organized can ensure more time spent having fun, and less time searching for outdoor toys, bikes, and sporting equipment.

Start with the heavy things and make sure there is designated space for any cars, yard tools, or power equipment that lives in the garage. From there, have your kids help sort their own items. Lining the walls with storage and providing a cubby for each family member can be a useful way to keep things organized and encourage kids to pick up after themselves. Or designate storage bins by type, with balls in one, water toys in another, and so on. This can help your kids find, and put things away, more quickly on their own.little girl in organized custom closet


Closets are notoriously difficult to keep organized, especially during the hectic school year when the best way to pick up the house often means shoving everything in a closet. Spend a little time organizing kids clothes and schoolwork for a smooth start next year.

While the heavy lifting of closet organization may be best left to the adults, kids can help in a lot of little ways. Have them pick out their favorite school projects from the previous year and place them all in a scrapbook or binder. Get their input on any clothes or toys they no longer use and put these things in the now orderly garage for a future yard sale. And work together to create a closet storage system, such as labeled bins, that they will understand and use in the future.


Summer is the perfect time to get the kids in the kitchen. Fresh produce is abundant and grilling is a delicious way to feed everyone a quick and healthy meal. By involving the kids, you can get dinner on the table a little quicker and encourage healthy habits.

Organize your pantry so the kids can access the food and tools appropriate for them. A child-friendly knife and apron can make your kids feel like budding chefs and get them excited about cooking. Store these tools along with any ingredients they’re responsible for prepping in clear bins at eye level. You can also set-up a grab and go snack bin in the pantry for kids to help themselves.

We’re looking forward to summer here at Closet & Storage Concepts Boston, and we know you are too. These simple steps will ensure your kids have a fun summer while contributing at home. Makeover all areas of your home for a more productive home by stopping by our showroom or giving us a call. We serve the MetroWest area including Franklin, Medfield, Hopkinton, and Charlestown.

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