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Components of an Organized Garage

Built-in garage cabinets in Boston

Built-in garage cabinets in Boston

Get organized for all of your summer home projects by tackling the garage. If you’re unsure of what an organized garage should look like, or if you’re just looking for some ideas to get started, your Boston experts are here to help.

A Space to Work

If you use your garage as a workspace to work on automobiles, crafting, or other home projects, you need a space that gives you enough room to complete all of your tasks and hobbies. Achieve a clear workspace by keeping tools and supplies out of the way. In addition, having a desk or worktop in your garage cabinets can give you a dedicated area to complete your work. Do-it-yourself extended tabletops that fold away can be great if your garage is short on space – simply fold it away when the car is inside.

Slatted wall system in garage

Tools Where You Need Them

Organized spaces help you do more. In the garage, this means having tools when you need them, and out of sight when you don’t. Our slatted wall systems are perfect for keeping all of your tools out of the way. And when you need to change things up for better flow and functionality, these are perfect because they are adaptable to your needs. Pegboards, heavy-duty magnetic strips, and other DIY options can help you keep tools easily visible and reachable when you need it.

Out-of-Season Storage

In addition to a place for hobbies and crafts, the garage often becomes a place for extra storage. Make the most of it with solutions to keep sports equipment, holiday decorations, and even out-of-season clothing.

Sports equipment is neatly stored with clever containers to keep balls, hockey sticks, and even the beach pails. Keeping them contained with shelving and bins can work well for this. Overhead storage is great for keeping skis, bikes, and other large and items off the floor. Use proper shelving for holiday décor and clothing. Labels or see-through boxes make it easy to identify and locate particular items.


A garage that’s organized is going to have lots of clever space-saving storage solutions. Using wall systems as well as overhead storage are just a few examples of this. In addition, tall cabinetry helps to keep things streamlined and neat without sacrificing storage space. Should you need even more space, you can use your shed as extra storage.

A Place to Park

It’s a known fact that many Americans who own a covered garage are unable to park their car into it. An organized garage should make room for all of your stuff, and that includes your car. Storage systems are usually built along the perimeter or overhead for this very reason.

An organized garage starts with your free, design consultation from Closet & Storage Concepts in Boston, MA. Call us, fill out this form, or come visit our showroom!

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