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How a Murphy Bed Can Transform Any Room

Open modern murphy beds in Boston

Open modern murphy beds in Boston

Guest rooms are often tricky rooms to design, especially if they serve multiple purposes. While you want to make sure you have a room available when guests come to stay with you, there may not be any reason to have a dedicated guest room. You can use a Murphy bed as a way of transforming any room into a guest bedroom. See how a Murphy bed can transform any room in your home with from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston below.

Fully Utilize Your Space

It doesn’t matter what size home you have. What matters is being able to use every inch of it. Dedicating a room for guests can be challenging when you would much rather have a home office, a home gym, a craft room, or something else. With a Murphy bed, you don’t have to give up those needs.

If you think you can’t fit a bed and desk in the same room in your Boston home, think again. Murphy beds fold up when you don’t need them. Because of this streamlined design, it is easy to squeeze in an extra bed into any room. Should you have an awkward-shaped or small space, it’s beneficial to work with a professional company that specializes in home storage solutions. They can offer tips and the best design plan to really maximize your space.

Offer a Comfortable Bed

Many homeowners often pull out an air mattress or a cot when guests come into town. These aren’t comfortable and also show guests that they are an afterthought. You certainly wouldn’t want to sleep on any of these things, so why would you expect your guests to?

A Murphy bed is extremely comfortable and allows your guests to get a good night’s sleep. The bed frame contains a full sized mattress giving them support and comfort. Our beds can accommodate various mattress sizes. This allows you to create the sleeping space you need.

Customization Options

Ultimately, you want to make sure you have a guest room that works for you as well as for your guests. A variety of customizations can be made with a Murphy bed. You can choose to incorporate a traditional-styled wall unit or place it inside of a closet. With so many materials, colors, and styles to select from, you can be sure to match your personal design style. Be sure to add decorative touches and soft linens to truly make your guests feel at home!

Your Choice for Murphy Wall Beds

Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston provides a variety of custom storage solutions, including space-saving Murphy beds.  Stop by our showroom or schedule a free in-home estimate to see how we can help you Make Room for Life®. We proudly serve the greater Boston Metrowest area including Franklin, Medfield, and Hopkinton.

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