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Easy Garage Organization Tasks When You’re Overwhelmed

Slatted wall custom garage in Boston

Slatted wall custom garage in Boston

The garage tends to be a dumping ground over time for tools, sports equipment, kid toys, and anything that no longer fits into your home. It’s no wonder that your garage could end up overwhelming you. If you don’t know where to start, these tips are for you!

Do a Walk Through

Sometimes just doing a glance through your space can help you get a feel for what you have. Plus, it doesn’t mean that you’re committing to anything quite yet, which means it’s low on your stress levels. Get a sense for items that you can part with without thought and which spots will be the hardest to work with.


Narrowing down and purging items from your garage is one of the most stressful parts of organizing. Make it simple by first gathering tools. From big trash bags or even a list or address of donation centers to give your items, gathering a list is easy to do and is a perfect way to ease into organizing.

Also, consider getting rid of one big piece to start. Getting rid of just one big item (whether tangible or not) can put you into the spirit of purging and organizing. Whether it’s a bed frame you’ve kept around since your last kid moved out, or if you’re an avid collector of extra tools, getting rid of just one item is easy to accomplish.


Starting with a schedule can be great for many busy families and those not sure where to start. If you’ve accumulated a lot of items over the years, you’ll likely need a few weekends (or days) to tackle the entire garage. To start, pick a day that’s clear for you and mark it down for your initial purge day. It’s important to pick a day that is completely clear so you won’t have any distractions or other engagements.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed you may find yourself in the storage aisle at your local big box store. But we tell you to avoid this urge at all costs! Getting storage before you know what you’re storing is just going to set yourself up for failure. Instead, hold back the urge and continue purging.

Get Started

When you know what to store, make organizing your garage easy by bringing in the professionals. Our Boston designers will come out to your garage and create the perfect storage plan for your needs. We’ll make the entire process from design to installation an easy one.

Stop fretting and get organizing! Take a deep breath and just get started. For more tips or help cleaning and organizing your garage be sure to stop by our showroom or call in our experts. Proudly serving the greater Franklin, Medfield, and Boston areas.

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