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Strategies to Keep Kid Study Areas Organized

young child studying at home

With kids heading back to school, it’s time to get them focused and prepared to learn as much as they can. Start with their desks and get them ready for the new school year with tips from your local storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts in Boston. young child studying at home

Cubbies, Jars, and Folders

Contain everything from markers, glue, books, paper, or pens and pencils. You can do a craft project with your little one to create fun mason jar holders for pens and pencils. Cereal boxes or shoeboxes can be made into a magazine holder for paper and books. Or you can find durable containers at your local discount store. Be sure to look for containers that make it easy to label and see what’s inside.

Supplies that are corralled give your kids a worktop to spread out when completing homework exercises. In addition, it helps keep supplies in a designated area making homework and art projects fun and easy. Containers also keep items off of the floor, which means a neater home and less cleaning for you!

Reading Nook

Make homework and reading a bit more fun. Add a built-in bench with storage for books and toys. This can be great to encourage reading and give kids a separate area when they need to take a break. Cozy nooks are perfect under a windowsill, in a bay window, or even in a re-purposed closet!

Remove the Cords

As we move into a high-tech environment, many kids are often using computers and tablets to complete homework and projects. Clear the cords from their space with fun and colorful solutions. Bungie ties or dedicated charging stations can help give a neat look to your child’s study area giving their growing minds more space for creativity and focus.

Mind the Lighting

Lighting is key to complete homework and projects comfortably. Use lights that also double as storage for supplies to help keep their desks streamlined. You can even consider under-cabinet lighting if they have upper cabinet storage. This type of task lighting is sure to give your kids more than enough lumens to help them with all of the topics they’ll learn about this year.

Cork & Memo Boards

Use the wall behind your child’s desk for a place to hold mementos, photos, and to-do lists. It will help them stay organized by reminding them of their homework and chores they need to get done while adding a personal touch.

Reach For the Sky

Using wall space with shelves and cabinets gives your kids even more storage space for all of their supplies and toys. Cabinet doors keep the clutter out of view and using the vertical space helps to free up their tabletop.

Encourage good studying habits and help your kids meet their academic goals this school year! When you want to help them make the most of their study spaces or even their closet, be sure to call the team at Closet & Storage Concepts in Franklin. Serving the greater Hopkinton, Medfield, and Boston MetroWest areas.

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