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Three Reasons Why You Should Make a To-Do List and Write it Down

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Some people swear by to-do lists and others hate them. Regardless if you get every single item on your list done, there are benefits to jotting it down. Get the details by reading on! to-do list written on pad of paper

1. Reframes intimidating tasks into achievable chunks

Have you ever been assigned a large project that you kept putting off? Often times, intimidating tasks aren’t as insurmountable as they seem once you start, but it’s the starting part that’s difficult. By making a to-do list you can break down a large task into several pieces.

Say you’ve just moved and haven’t started unpacking. A great place to start is choosing a specific room first. When making your to-do list you could write down items like, “position large furniture in the living room”, “put all living room boxes in the living room”, and “remove anything from the living room that won’t stay there.” When breaking down large tasks you can get as specific as you’d like, but writing down individual steps that are tangible will make getting started easier.

2. Keeps you on task, which in turn increases productivity

As simple as it sounds, writing down the tasks you have to complete will help you remember what it is that you need to get done. We all have various tasks to complete within the span of the day. Between personal demands, social commitments, and work-related assignments, everything we need to get done can become a jumble. Not only will writing down a to-do list help you remember everything and prioritize what’s most important, it will also keep you on task. If a five-minute break from household chores turns into a half-an-hour break you can easily turn back to your to-do list. You’re more likely to be productive if you have a clear plan. In this sense, writing down a to-do list can make you more efficient.

3. Promotes a sense of accomplishment

One argument against to-do lists is the statement “I’m not a to-do list person.” To-do lists may be more helpful for some individuals than others, but their success depends largely on the effort you’re willing to put in. You shouldn’t be discouraged if everything on your list isn’t completed. To-do lists function to offer structure, which helps to keep you on track. The act of getting most tasks done is often more important than getting everything done. Regardless if everything is completed, physically crossing off a task on a list provides a great sense of accomplishment. Many people love to-do lists because they get to cross something off, which helps give a positive frame of mind throughout the day.

Get Organized

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