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6 Ways to Be More Productive

hands working on a slim laptop

hands working on a slim laptopBeing more productive can be hard, especially after the holidays. Here are six relatively easy tasks that can help you be more productive!

1. Stop Multi-Tasking

We know, we know. This sounds like the opposite of what you should do. But studies show that focusing on one task at a time can help you tackle more and be more productive. Try it out and see if your productivity increases.

2. Organize Your Office…

Reduce the time it takes to find the paperwork and get organized in your office. Organize piles of paperwork or clear out the trash folder on your computer. A clean desk leads to a calmer and more focused mind, which means increased productivity. It can even help reduce stress!

3. … Your Closet

Spend less time searching for the perfect outfit each day. Prepare outfits the night before to speed up your morning routine. Valet rods are especially helpful for this.

Trying a uniform can also reduce the time you spend thinking about getting dressed and on more important items in your work or personal life.

Getting organized throughout your home and your life will only help you feel more productive and fulfilled.

4. Set a Timer for Online Time

We spend countless hours each week consuming both print and digital media, whether it’s browsing aimlessly on Facebook or binge-watching the latest TV show. You can use this time to be more productive or spend it with family and friends. Try setting a timer for how long you browse each day and give yourself a cut off time.

5. Sleep More

Getting the proper amount of rest each night can help increase productivity levels during your waking hours. Try turning off digital screens an hour before bed to help get to bed on time or take a relaxing bath. A restful night of sleep can really make a difference!

6. Make a Schedule

Schedules keep us on track in our lives, thus making sure we stay focused and productive each day. Whether you use a digital calendar app or a notebook, keeping a schedule can help you be more productive this year.

By making small changes, you can be more productive! For more storage tips and to see how you can finally organize your closet or office, stop by Closet & Storage Concepts in Franklin. Our Boston storage experts are here to help.

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