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Organize Your Garage Into The Ultimate Workspace

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garage workshop storage, closet and storage concepts bostonWhile the garage can be a great place to use as a workshop, too often clutter and lack of space prevents it from being utilized to its full potential. Here are some tips from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston on ways to cut through the mess and transform your garage into the handy worker’s dream space!

Create Space

Very often the garage turns into an extra storage unit for household items. Take the time to completely empty the garage, throw out the trash, and create clearly marked areas for your workspace, household storage, and your vehicles. You’ll be amazed at how much more space you’ll have once everything is put away properly.

Keep It Clean

Keeping things tidy is a key part of creating a safe workspace. Make sure to remove tripping hazards, have a trashcan nearby for debris, and have a ready supply of shop towels to quickly wipe up spills. Garage organizers are a great way to maintain a well-organized workspace. Depending on the design, they provide ample storage for supplies, a workbench for projects, and can clearly demarcate your workshop from the rest of the garage.

Store Your Tools

Slatted walls or pegboards are a great way to store tools and make use of the ample vertical space available in most garages. They also make things easier to find since you can see the tool hanging on the wall instead of having to rummage through toolboxes. Most importantly, they help keep things off of the floor.

Power and Light

Good light sources and power outlets are two things you can almost never have enough of in a workspace. Find out the amp ratings for your tools and make sure your wiring can handle the load. It’s a good idea to have dedicated circuits for larger equipment as well as for lighting — that way if a breaker trips you’ll still be able to see. Track lighting and fluorescent overhead lighting are both popular choices for garage workshops. You can also install under cabinet lighting to make it easier to locate supplies in storage.

Air Quality

Make sure you have proper air ventilation around your workspace, particularly if your projects involve chemicals, paints, or sawdust. Also, consider how to heat and cool your workspace so you can use it all year round.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts at Closet & Storage Concept of Boston. We’ll help you design a garage storage solution to get you on your way towards building your dream workshop.

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