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Increasing Home Value By Adding Storage

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customized pantry kitchen and desk in Boston

customized pantry kitchen and desk in Boston

While potential buyers may be attracted to the new paint job and tidy front yard, extra storage space is a selling point that far outweighs aesthetic improvements. Consider the following storage options if you need extra space for your things but are planning to sell your Boston home in the near future.

Garage Storage

Having a garage is, in itself, a big plus. Many homeowners own a least one car and would thus appreciate having a safe place to park it. However, you can exponentially increase your garage’s inherent value by adding convenient storage. Vertical shelves and cabinets are ideal, as they don’t take up much room while providing plenty of storage space. A workbench is a great idea to create room for hobbies.

Bedroom Closets

Many potential buyers look for a large closet in the master bedroom. However, you don’t have to despair if your home doesn’t have one. Simply providing a system that maximizes storage can set your home apart from another contender. “His and her” closets that offer personalized storage (i.e. shelves, hanging space, drawers, and cabinetry) can go a long way. Closet & Storage Concepts here in Boston specializes in creating unique storage solutions for any home and can provide a free consultation to help you see how to create additional storage in any type of closet. Traditional Boston walk-in closet storage

At the same time, don’t be content if you have a walk-in closet. There are many ways to turn a regular walk-in closet into an extraordinary one. Look to upgrade your closet with luxurious finishes, materials, hardware, and lighting.

Attic and Basement Storage

If you’ve simply used your basement and/or attic as a place to dump extra clutter, consider looking at these rooms in a new light. You can add custom-made shelves, cupboards, hanging areas and more to provide valuable extra storage space that any homeowner will be sure to enjoy. Some homeowners have successfully transformed the attic or basement into a large walk-in closet that provides accessible, good-looking storage space. Others have opted to use the basement or attic as a quiet reading room or extra bedroom while still installing easy-to-use storage to keep the home free from clutter.

Kitchen Storage

A kitchen is often worth more per square foot than any other room in the home. If you have a limited budget for home improvements and want to add storage to any one room of the home, make the kitchen your priority. Adding pullout shelves and drawers to an existing kitchen pantry enables you to use vertical storage space that would otherwise go unused. Consider customizing the pantry to make the most of this space.

Incorporating extra storage into your home now will serve you well and pay dividends when you decide to sell. Consider your options and see which forms of storage best suit your needs and budget. Stop by our showroom in Franklin to find ideas and tips!

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