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Create More Kitchen Storage Space

The best kitchens offer plenty of space for pots, pans, and specialty tools. However, most residential kitchens are designed for people who treat cooking as a chore. If you have a small kitchen, but you have gadgets and specialty tools that go with your love of cooking, you can still find space for everything with help from Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston.

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Take Stock of Your Cabinets

Are your cabinets wasting space rather than helping you make the most of it? Look into each one to determine whether the space is being used to its full potential. If not, adding racks, sliders, and other organizers can help you fit more into them.

Cabinets could be considered a waste of space if it isn’t being used. Remove it in favor of other storage solutions that make the space more useful. For example, if you have a cabinet over your range that you don’t use often, you might remove it and add shelves to hold large pots or serving dishes instead.

Free Up Cabinet Space

Hang a pot holder from the ceiling to free up cabinet space. Keep countertops clear by storing large mixers or other bulky equipment in the pantry or cabinets. A storage solution company, such as Closet & Storage Concepts can build a unique spot for your larger appliances if it won’t fit in a standard cabinet.

Have you ever had to take everything out from under the sink just to find that can of oven cleaner or the extra dish soap you have stashed? Instead of wasting time looking for what you need, sliding drawers can make it easy to find what you need. Getting this area organized can help free up shelf space for something other than cleaning supplies.

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The Mud Room Off of the Kitchen

If you have a washer and dryer in the mudroom that seems to collect all types of items on the top of them, create storage using cabinets and shelves. A wide tabletop over the top of the appliances makes a great table for folding laundry. Additional shelves that go to the ceiling – or cabinets, if you prefer to keep stuff hidden – will help you organize your mudroom and will give you more workspace.

Creating extra storage in your utility room means that you can also put overflow kitchen food and supplies in this room. Consider a mix of shelving and cabinetry to keep extra food and cleaning supplies separated and organized.

Closet & Storage Concepts is your choice for custom storage solutions in the Boston area! We are experts at creating custom closets, cabinets, and pantry storage. Stop by our showroom to explore your options.

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