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Basic Feng Shui For Your Boston Home or Office

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The Chinese art of feng shui assists in organizing a space for the ideal flow of life force energy, or “chi”. When this potent energy flows around a living area or workspace optimally, the result is a higher quality of life. When the flow is blocked or impeded, issues related to your health, relationships, and financial success can arise. Use these tips to optimize the feng shui in your Boston home or office.

Clear Away the Clutter

One of the foundational elements of Chinese feng shui is an absence of clutter. Excess junk impedes the flow of energy and can be highly distracting. Your first step to optimal feng shui is addressing those stacks of papers and piles of personal items that have accumulated. Create different designations such as keep, file, discard, sell, store, donate, and recycle, and take relevant action for each grouping. Organized clutter free living room

Get Organized

Next, it’s time to finally organize the items you will be keeping. Consider custom closet storage and home organization solutions to maximize your current available space. Custom closets and other storage solutions allow you to determine the ideal amount of shelving, drawers, racks, bins, and other elements so that you can store your things in a neat, organized, and accessible manner.

Optimizing Health

The eastern side of your home or office corresponds to your overall health. Placing natural items in this area can attract positive energy to boost your physical and mental health. A plant, seashells, crystals, and driftwood are just a few examples of natural items to place in the eastern part of your home. Bamboo, peace lily, aloe vera, ferns, and jade plants can all enhance feng shui for your health.

potted succulents on window sill


The southwest corner of your home is the relationship corner. Place a work of art or personal item here that symbolizes positive loving relationships. You can also place a red item here if you wish to activate the formation of more positive relationships in your life. It’s all about intention so ensure that the things you place here hold special significance for you and the types of relationships you wish to experience.

Your Career

Your career is represented on the northern side of your home or office. Placing dynamic items of a red or purple color here can help to activate positive career energies. A painting, sculpture, tapestry, ornate scarf, or other cherished item are just a few examples of what you might place here. Feng shui home red wall

Financial Abundance

The southeast corner of your home is the wealth corner. Take care to keep it clutter free and only keep symbols of prosperity here. A traditional item used in feng shui is a “wealth ship” pointed inward from the southeast filled with items that signify abundance to you (money, jewelry, travel brochures, etc.). For some, an elephant or other animal totem placed here can be auspicious. The important thing is that you resonate with it and see it as a symbol of wealth and abundance.

Successful application of feng shui principles can help you to clear the clutter, get organized and experience more positive energy in your life. Consider custom storage and organization systems, and use these tips for improved health, relationships, career, and financial abundance. Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston to get started! We serve the entire Metro West area including Hopkinton, Medfield, and Charlestown.

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