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Closet Accessories That Will Save You Time

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Pullout mirror custom closet Boston

If time is money, then everything you do that helps you save precious minutes is a deposit in your success account. A well-organized wardrobe makes it easier to get ready for the day whether you’re headed to work or another activity.

Yet increasing the number of rods, racks, drawers, and bins in your closet isn’t sufficient for getting the job done. Color coding your clothing, organizing it by season or selecting the following day’s clothing the night before are all useful for speeding up choices when getting dressed.

However, you may find that something is still missing – closet accessories such as:

  • Belt, scarf and tie organizers,
  • Shallow drawers for small items such as jewelry,
  • Safe for valuables,
  • Valet rods and handbag hooks,
  • A drop-down ironing board, and
  • A full-length pull out mirror.

At first glance, these amenities may seem like frills in your reorganization budget. Yet these small additions greatly improve efficiency. Scarf organizer custom closet Boston

Belt, Scarf and Tie Organizers

Belts or ties stored on regular clothes hangers often slip to the floor. Then you waste time picking them up and rehanging them. Ties and scarves tangled in a drawer or bin become wrinkled and require ironing or steaming. The solution is multiple, slide-out organizers with non-slip hooks. They have a low profile and take up little space.

Compartmentalized Jewelry Drawer

You won’t lose time searching for a matching set of earrings, cufflinks, or other jewelry when you have a compartmentalized drawer for storing these small objects. Plus, lined jewelry drawer inserts will protect pieces from getting tangled or tarnished.

Safe for Valuables

If you have expensive jewelry that you don’t wear frequently, it makes sense to store it in a small closet safe no larger than a tiny cubby. These safes are also useful for quick access to important documents such as passports, identification cards, and credit cards not used daily.Valet rod in built-in Boston closet

Valet Rods for Outfit Planning

Draping your next day’s outfit over a chair is awkward. Either the chair no longer is available for its intended use or you sit in it and risk wrinkling your clothing. A valet rod that swings or slides out of a small space is a better choice. It not only avoids wrinkles and wasting time on touch-up ironing but also allows you to hang the clothes in an obvious spot where you can grab them quickly.

Handbag Storage

Using regular hangers to suspend purses from your clothes rack works. However, simple, backward “S” shaped handbag hooks take up less space and are more attractive. It’s particularly important to hang large handbags to keep them from slumping down and losing their shape.

Drop-Down Ironing Board

This is an old-fashioned idea that still works. Reserve space in your closet for a drop-down ironing board concealed in a shallow cabinet with storage room for your iron and clothing steamer. Ironing is made easier when you don’t have to lug around your board. custom closet accessory -ironing board

Pullout Full-Length Mirror

Forget about mirror paneling on your closet door. The solution is a full-length pullout mirror that can be built into the side of hanging areas or a narrow cabinet. It’s perfect for double-checking outfits before you dash out the door.

Professional Closet Organization

Designing, accessorizing, and installing a well-organized closet at a reasonable price takes time, experience, and passion. Closet & Storage Concepts is dedicated to helping organize residents in the greater Boston area. Contact us today for a free, in-home estimate.

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