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Streamline Your Routine: Get More Done With Less Stress

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Woman stretching in bed in apartment

Woman stretching in bed in apartment

Productivity is the watchword of the current millennium, and multitasking is incredibly common these days. Often, however, all this pressure to perform (and constant rushing around) creates stress that can affect your quality of life. Today, we’re asking you to consider moving a bit slower to feel less frantic. You can get just as much done at a more realistic pace if you spend time up front getting organized. When you’re organized, you are (by definition) more effective, and likely more accurate, in all that you do.

Organization means less time wasted re-doing yesterday’s rushed, disorganized tasks, errands, work projects, etc. Being organized also simplifies your life, giving you breathing space to fully enjoy your journey through life. Good organizational skills can also increase self-esteem and self-satisfaction while relieving counterproductive anxiety. All in all, investing a bit of thought and time into organizing is well worthwhile. So today, don’t just launch into motion haphazardly. Instead, create some organized spaces and procedures to help all your future days go more smoothly.

Try these tips to organize your home, workplace, and schedule:

Woman exercising running outside

  • Exercise in the mornings: You’ll have more energy to put into your exercise routine after a good night’s sleep, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your workout. If you leave exercising until later in the day (when you’ll feel rushed and tired) you may skip it. A morning workout also means you’ll start the day with a significant accomplishment under your belt, which provides a confidence boost to help you spring into your day with gusto.
  • Try doing your least favorite task first: Once you get the hardest project out of the way, the rest of your day will be a piece of cake! We say “try” because, for instance, if you’re truly most productive or creative in the afternoon, then that may be the best time to tackle complicated or difficult tasks. Experiment to see what works best for you.
  • Avoid email first thing: Reading and answering email immediately upon waking up can distract you from your day’s well-laid plans. You may never get your exercise in and you may fill your thoughts with low-priority minutia and “mental static” arising from the email, which can interfere with more important tasks such as eating breakfast. Whenever possible, answer email at a regularly scheduled, later time, rather than checking it upon waking or every few minutes.
  • Prep the night before: Lay out clothing for the next day, pack up your briefcase or your children’s lunches. Set your top three goals and priorities for the next day. Do everything possible in advance–so you can start your day feeling “in control” and organized, rather than rushed and stressed out. Pullout mirror custom closet Boston
  • Customize your home: Staying organized is easier when you have a perfectly designed “home” for everything you wear and items you use frequently. Organize your closet with custom storage systems, create a specific place to keep your keys and phone so you can always find them on your way out the door, and more. Think about which important, but repetitive, daily tasks you can almost “automate” with better closet and home storage solutions.

If your home organization project seems daunting–we can help! At Closet & Storage Concepts in Boston, we’re experts at customizing your house to match your needs and make your life easier every day. Contact your local Boston Closet & Storage Concepts design specialist for a personal consultation.

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