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Making the Most of a Small Space Using Closets

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custom closets bostonWhether you’re living in a cramped apartment or struggling to organize a small room in your home, custom closets can solve almost any storage conundrum afflicting your small spaces. Here at Closet & Storage Concepts Boston, we take pride in solving your storage issues. Below are a few of our suggestions for using closets to make the most out of the small spaces in your Boston home or apartment.

Hanging Areas

Take advantage of the space in your closet by utilizing long, medium, and double hanging areas. Having a variety of hanging areas in your closet allows you to store your items comfortably while maximizing space. Fit twice the amount of clothes in your closet with double hanging areas, or include shelving for your shoes below your medium-length hanging areas.

Adjustable Shelving

Make sure you incorporate adjustable shelving into your custom closet in order to best utilize the space at hand. This allows you to quickly adapt your closets to fit your needs as they change. Move shelves around to fit tall boots, or to store your winter coats during the off-season. If some of your shelves only house short items, include shelf organizers to effectively double your shelving by creating an extra, removable shelf. These flexible options mean you won’t have to worry about finding new solutions in your already tight space when your storage needs change.

Valet Rods

Use valet rods to create hanging space in unused portions of your closet. These rods can be moved at any time, giving you flexibility. Add them to spaces to hang your clothes in layers, or use one to hang up your outfit for easy access the next morning. Either way, your small space will benefit from the added hanging and prep area.

Go High and Go Low

Take advantage of your entire wall space when designing your closet. Building shelves up high will maximize your space. You can store your seasonal clothes there for access later, and use a step stool or rolling ladder to allow you to access these areas. Go low by using pull out storage under your bed, or build a bench with drawers under your window to create more sitting and storage room.

Get Started Today

There are countless ways to take advantage of every inch of your apartment or small bedroom by using custom closets to your advantage. Call Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston today for your free, in-home design consultation, and to learn more about our custom closets.


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