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Lookback At Some Walk-In Closet Projects

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Slanted ceiling with built-in closets Boston

We’re taking a look through our archived photos to shed some light on some of our favorite walk-in closet projects. Check them out and get inspiration for your own home.Small Boston walk-in closet system

Small Walk-In

Even if you only have a small walk-in, work with what you have, like in this example. In this closet, we maximized hanging areas by using a double hang system with two sturdy rails. In addition, we took advantage of the whole space by building a centralized drawer and cabinet system from the floor to ceiling. The drawers provide storage space for folded items like workout gear and t-shirts. The cabinets also gave our clients a place to keep bags and accessories protected. The open shelf between the cabinet and drawers gives a place to come each night or morning to place watches, wallets, or everyday jewelry.

Fun Accessories

Walk-in closets often provide an opportunity to add additional storage accessories and systems that you’re not able to do in smaller closets. We’re highlighting three of our favorites below. Custom walk-in closet island
Shoe storage step

Sure you can build a closet dedicated to storing your shoes, but did you know you can also make it easier to put them on? This handy solution doubles as an island, extra storage, and a step! Talk about multi-purpose.

Safe in custom closet storage Boston home
Wall safe

Sometimes our clients are looking for extra protection for their items. We can install a wall safe hidden within your walls to accomplish this. The white color blends in with the closet system so it is very inconspicuous.

Ironing board in custom cabinet Boston Ironing station

This was a really fun cabinet for us to do as it is very slim but contains plenty of space to keep the ironing board, iron, and other cleaning supplies. The board drops down and is at a perfect height.


Uniquely-Shaped Spaces

Homes in the Boston area often come with a slew of unique features that add character. However, it can make it tough to properly maximize storage space for all of our stuff. In these two examples, we took advantage of slanted ceilings in barn-shaped closets in the attic to maximize storage. As you can see, different layouts were used to maximize each space according to the needs of our clients. The different designs also match each home’s aesthetic. Since we custom build everything in our own factory, the sky’s the limit when it comes to maximizing space no matter how awkward it may be.

Slanted ceiling with built-in closets Boston
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