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Top 7 Benefits of Organized Custom Closets

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Built-in closet system Wellesley, MA

Built-in closet system Wellesley, MA

A new, organized closet is rewarding in a variety of ways. The following are seven of the top benefits of a custom closet solution:

1. Get More From Your Wardrobe

It’s estimated that most people only wear about 20% of their total wardrobe! This is in large part due to disorganization and not knowing exactly what’s there. The other 80% is often pushed to the back of a closet, stuffed in drawers or otherwise inaccessible.

Custom closet organization allows you to see what you have and creates an optimal arrangement so that you’ll have easy access to every piece. The net effect? You’ll feel like you have a much bigger wardrobe.

2. Can Save You Money

As indicated above, the typical cluttered closet only allows access to an average of around 20% of a wardrobe. This can lead to buying multiple pieces that are very similar – or even identical! With an organized closet, you’re far less likely to buy multiple pieces that are essentially the same thing.

3. Saves Time

A closet that is set up and organized to your specifications will naturally save you time. Instead of fumbling around for the right blouse or accessory in the morning, you’ll have your full wardrobe right at your fingertips.

4. Less Stress

Being organized and knowing where your key wardrobe elements are located helps you to start each day in a better headspace and on the right foot. You’ll naturally be less stressed and feel great about selecting pieces from your wardrobe each morning.
5. Small Closets Will Seem Larger

If you have a “space-challenged” closet, adding custom components can help to utilize the available space and make the most of every square inch. And who wouldn’t want a bigger closet?

6. Large Closets Can Be Epic

If your issue is perhaps having too much space that isn’t well-organized, custom closet design can help to transform an ordinary large closet into something extraordinary. Add finishing touches like an island with seating, compartments for accessories, a jewelry organizer, crown molding, and in-cabinet lighting to create a boutique environment. 

7. Better Feng Shui

Feng shui refers to optimal energy flow within a space. We’ve all felt the difference between being in a cluttered, disorganized space versus one that is free of clutter. Adding sleek, intuitive organizational elements to your closet will improve the overall vibe of your entire living space.

To enjoy all of these benefits and more, contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston to get started with your closet’s transformation. Closet & Storage Concepts has over 15 years of experience to bring your vision into reality as well as providing advice for ideal closet organization solutions. Need more convincing? See five reasons why you need a custom closet.