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Showcase Your Shoes With a Custom Closet

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shoes custom closet storage Boston

shoes custom closet storage BostonYou already know that there are plenty of reasons to have custom closet in your Boston home: it’s an easy way to enjoy a little luxury in your day to day life, and you’ll be streamlining your routine and organization at the same time.

And while there are many simple accessories you can add to a custom closet in order to personalize it, one of the trendiest ways to use your closet space is as a showcase for your beautiful belongings. After all, you took the time to curate a gorgeous wardrobe, so why not show it off a little?

Read on to learn some tips about how to design a custom closet in your Boston home so that it highlights and organizes your fancy footwear.

custom closet storage Boston

Open Storage

Open storage is slowly catching on in the Boston area, even though it might seem counterintuitive at first. The idea is to design shelves and cabinets without doors or other coverings so that you have a quick, visual guide to where everything is. And not only does this storage method help you save time when you’re looking for that one little item, it provides a unique opportunity to turn your belongings into decorative elements.

When designing open storage for shoes, we recommend leaving plenty of space between each pair, so that you can always add new items. And if you want to add an even more sophisticated feel, try using glass-paned doors to create a gallery-style look for your displayed items.

Use Strategic Lighting

Finding the right closet lighting is a task in and of itself, but the general idea is that closets tend to be dark, cavernous spaces, and by finding the right lighting solutions you can completely transform the usability and atmosphere of the space.

When it comes to showcasing shoes, using tactfully placed LEDs or strip lighting is an easy way of bringing a heightened sense of sophistication to those heels and boots that you’re fond of.

Incorporate a Closet Island

One of the easiest ways to put all of those shoes on display is to bring a closet island into the mix. This simple addition will free up extra space on your main shelves for larger clothing items, and you can design the island with open storage for visual access to your inventory.

Feeling Inspired?

The team at Closet & Storage Concepts in Boston is on standby to help you create the perfect custom closet for your needs and budget. Contact us today to get started!


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