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Don’t Ever Put These 3 Things into Your Small Closet

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custom closet organization storage Boston

custom closet organization storage BostonWe know that it’s tempting to use your small closet as an all-purpose stash spot, but if you want to live in harmony with your storage space, you’ve got to resist the urge! In fact, we think there are a few things that ought to be outright forbidden from ever entering small closets.

The organization and storage experts at Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston are here with a partial list of things that you should banish from your closet if they’re already there, or ward off like the plague if they get anywhere close.

Anything Wet

Clothes that got soaked during a storm, items that never fully dried after laundry, and damp towels are the biggest offenders here. You risk mold and mildew any time you bring something damp into your closet since bacteria love the tepid darkness. The worst-case scenario is that the mold or mildew will spread, and a moment’s laziness will turn into a much larger problem. Instead of bringing damp things into your small closet, hang them up in your bathroom or in a better-ventilated area so that they can dry out first.

Anything With A Strong Smell

There are a few common categories of items that might have a very strong smell: gym clothes and scented kitchen or bath products are the biggest offenders, but anything you wear out to the beach or near a campfire should also be cordoned and kept away from your other clothes. The strong aromas from these items are likely to penetrate into your other belongings, and once scents set into fabric, they can be a real hassle to get out.

Anything You Want to Store Long-Term

Here’s the thing about small closets: they’re really not designed for long-term storage. Or maybe it’s more appropriate to say that the entire closet isn’t designed for long-term storage. Most people use a mid-low-high storage method (items used most frequently at eye level, items used less frequently near the ground, and items rarely used up high) which gets long-term storage items out of the way – and this can work well – just be sure that your floor space isn’t equally cluttered with boxes of old papers and family heirlooms.

Redesign Your Closet

Want some help incorporating customized storage solutions into your small closet? That’s what we’re here for! Schedule a free consultation at your home with the Closet & Storage Concepts Boston design team to get started today!

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