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Fit For Entertaining: Organized Wet Bar & Wall Storage

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Custom wet bar storage Boston

As the holidays approach, you will be thinking about decorations for the house and food to cook for your family and friends. Don’t forget about entertainment during downtimes.

Provide everything you need for a great holiday party with an organized wet bar and entertainment room. The experts at Closet & Storage Concepts Boston provide storage organization solutions for entertaining spaces and in wet bar areas so you can please your guests.

Wall storage built-ins New England

Wall Storage for Entertaining

Keep guests of all ages entertained with movies, music, and games. Instead of having all your CDs, DVDs, board games, and video games scattered in different areas, centralize everything with organized entertainment centers and wall shelving units.

Custom-built entertainment units can offer shelves and cabinets that are a better fit for your television and other electronics. You can have separate shelves dedicated for your DVDs, CDs, and video game cases. You can also have a separate area to hold joysticks, game controllers, and smaller hand-held gaming units. 

Holiday decorations can also be displayed on any shelves to provide a festive look. When not in use, shelf doors can close to keep the dust away.

Wet Bar Holding All the Necessities

Custom wet bar storage BostonWet bars can be located in several different rooms in a home. You may have one in the kitchen pantry, dining room, entertainment room, or den. They should be equipped with everything you need to make a variety of drinks, such as glasses, shakers, stirrers, ice buckets, juicers, cocktail strainers, and other ingredients. Build cabinetry and shelving around your sink and wine fridges to create the ultimate wet bar.

Storage can become an issue as all these items can clutter the bar area or counter. When making numerous drinks for guests, you need to have everything within easy reach. Wall storage units can be customized to have bottles, glasses, and utensils in their own storage stations so you can have everything within reach without cluttering the bar area.

Cabinets with glass doors mounted on walls can hold glasses, while customized shelves can be made to accommodate liquor and wine bottles of different sizes. Pullout wine glass racks can help keep your wine collection organized.  You can also have drawers that hold smaller accessories. Don’t forget to also add small cubbies that can hold towels and cleaning items in case someone spills their drink.

Create a Perfect Holiday Wet Bar and Entertainment Room

Be prepared for any holiday where guests are coming to party in your home. Have your entertainment room and wet bar organized to reduce clutter while having everything accessible. Give Closet & Storage Concepts a call today to find the right organizational solutions for your home.