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4 Storage Tricks for Reach-In Closets

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Reach-in closet shoe storage Franklin, MA

Boston has many small closets thanks to historical homes where people didn’t use to own as much clothing. If you still have a reach-in closet in your home, you don’t need to move! Simply take advantage of these four tricks to help create the storage you need. Let’s dive in!Multiple hang areas custom closet Boston

Double (or Triple) Hang

One way to take a small closet to maximum efficiency is to use multiple hanging areas. Use hanging rods in different lengths and install them at different heights depending on the items you own. Having them “stacked” is a great way to fit suits and other separates in your closet without needing to expand. Triple hang areas can be used if you have many pants and blouse options that need to be hung. Narrow closets can use appropriately sized rods as needed.

Shoe Cubbies

Reach-in closets can still store your shoes! Shoe cubbies are a great way to create storage for your shoes, especially if you have a lot of sneakers and sandals. Shoe cubbies designate a place for shoes and don’t take up as much room as typical shelves.Reach-in closet shoe storage Franklin, MA

Use Every Inch and Side

Maximize storage by using what you have available. If you have a deep reach-in (as the example above), you can use the sides to create additional storage. The shoe cubbies and corner shelves maximize storage and provide space for everything from sweaters to gym gear. If you have tall closets, install shelves and cabinets up to the ceiling. Out-of-season items can be stored at the top.
Reach in closet accessories Boston

Don’t Underestimate Accessories

Small and awkward closets can benefit from closet accessories as any other closet. Hooks and valet rods are just as useful in a small closet as a gargantuan walk-in. Valet rods give you a place to prep and hooks can be squeezed in just about anywhere. In one project, we affixed hooks on the inside wall to keep scarves and belts. Smaller hooks can also be used to hang up jewelry. And don’t forget about hidden hampers to make laundry time easier! Hidden hampers also give a streamlined look as it prevents piles of dirty laundry out in the open.

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