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8 Things to Get Rid of in the New Year

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crumpled holiday gift paper

crumpled holiday gift paper

The New Year is often a time when people set goals and resolutions. If you want to have a tidy home and find a routine that works for you, start with decluttering. It’s a great way to get off on the right foot. Here are 8 things to consider dumping. 

  1. Gift Wrapping

Before you put away the holiday gift wrap, go through your stash. Get rid of any scraps before rolling wrapping back up. Also get rid of limp gift bags or misshapen boxes that you can’t reuse. When putting away ribbons, put a little washi tape on the loose end so it’s ready for next season. 

  1. Holiday Decorations

Don’t throw broken ornaments or lights that need fixing back in storage. Either fix them or get rid of them and make note of what you’ll want to replace for next year. Also, remove ornaments from your possession that you no longer care for.

  1. Old Coats

It’s the perfect time to go through your coat closets to see if there are any coats you can get rid of. Get rid of ones that are past repair, items that you no longer love, or simply don’t keep you as warm you need.

  1. Cold Weather Accessories

Apply a similar set of thinking to your cold weather accessories. This should include gloves, hats, scarves, even ski goggles if you have them. There’s no point keeping clothes that don’t spark joy, or even worse, have holes and don’t do their job.

  1. Holiday Mailers

The holidays are often filled with mailers for coupons and advertisements. Get rid of coupons that are already expired and other holiday mailers for sales that have come and gone. These are just creating clutter!

  1. Junk Mail

It’s time to hit unsubscribe! In addition to holiday mailers, you should get rid of your electronic junk mail. If you make a resolution to spend more wisely this year, you don’t need the constant reminder from marketing emails. Get rid of any lingering emails containing sales that have passed and declutter your inbox. junk mail on kitchen table

  1. Holiday Spices

Baking and cooking are often common activities for the holidays. If you’ve bought specific spices or ingredients, get your kitchen in shape by going through your spice rack. Combine duplicates, get rid of spices you have never used, and get rid of items in your pantry that smell a little off.

  1. Bad Attitudes

Try not to let any bad attitudes linger into the new year. Get rid of any bad juju and welcome in positivity. No matter your home or organizational storage goals, Closet & Storage Concepts can help you achieve your dream home. Make Room for Life® with our Boston and New England team of designers today!

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