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Creative Ways to Keep Kids Organized

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little kid clothes hanging in a closet

Finding it difficult to keep your kids organized? You’re not alone. Every family struggles with the day-to-day tasks to keep a home organized, but you can make it easier on yourself and your family with custom storage. Here are a few ideas for a happier home. little kid clothes hanging in a closet

Design their Closet With Them In Mind

It isn’t always that kids don’t want to stay organized. Sometimes their closet spaces aren’t made for them. There are tall shelves that they can’t reach, complicated drawers that are hard to pull out, and they may not instinctively know where everything goes. But a custom closet can change all that.

Building a custom closet with your child involves them in the process. Listen to them, and they’ll tell you what features they need to stay tidy. You can build closet spaces that have a lot of storage below, so your kids can reach it. And you can tailor it to the things that your kid has. If your kid has a lot of shoes, build in some shoe cubbies! Not only will organizing shoes be easier, but it’ll also be fun. Our designers work with families and kids of all ages and can help you get organized!

Add Built-In Storage for Your Play Room

Most homes with children have an aesthetic that can be described as “organized chaos” – and that’s because, eventually, toys and blankets end up strewn everywhere. But they don’t have to. With built-in storage in your most played-in areas, it’ll be easy to develop a clean up after playtime habit. 

Built-in storage can be used to hide things like toys without cutting down on your livable space. Rather than having a large steamer chest full of toys in the middle of your living room, you can have storage built into walls, under the stairs, or with storage benches. This gives you a lot of options because you don’t have to clean and decorate around your storage systems. Instead, your storage becomes part of your decor.

Kids custom mudroom storage garage Boston

Take Advantage of Your Mudroom

It can’t make your home dirty if it never comes into your home! If your kids have outdoor pursuits, such as sports, a cabinet in the mudroom is the perfect place for their gear. By creating a storage space in your mudroom, garage, or even just outside of your home, you can keep the mud and muck out before it makes a mess.

Children experience the world differently, and that means they need different things from a home. By tailoring your storage options specifically for them, you’ll be able to encourage positive cleaning and organizing skills that will (hopefully) stick with them as they become teens and adults! For more information on your own project, contact Boston’s own Closet & Storage Concepts.

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