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Organizing a Center Island in Your Custom Closet

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center island custom closet Boston

Having a center island in your custom closet is a great way to gain some extra storage space. It is also a beautiful way to display your perfume and other extraneous items by placing them decoratively on top. With so many sizes and materials available, Closet & Storage Concepts Boston can provide you with the perfect center island for your custom closet.

center island custom closet Boston


Closet center islands are ideal for storing all of your accessories. In a custom closet, you can even have a center island designed to double as a jewelry chest. Take advantage of the many drawers to spread out your earrings, necklaces, gloves, hats, and scarves, giving them the room they need to avoid becoming tangled or wrinkled. You can also have velvet lined drawers installed to cushion your fine jewelry and protect your pieces from scratching against one another.


Center islands are also great for holding your undergarments and lingerie. These delicate items can be cushioned by the soft lining of your center island’s drawers and can be kept separate from accessories and clothing pieces that might catch and tear the material.


There are a number of ways to customize your closet’s center island to fit your specific style and needs. If you don’t have room or the inclination to place a whole chair in your closet, you can have a built-in bench added to your center island. This will provide you with a place to sit while you put on your shoes or survey your closet for outfit options.

If you’re in need of extra shoe storage, have cubbies or shelves installed on one side of your center island. With a custom closet, you can choose the size of your cubbies and drawers to accommodate a variety of shoes and other items.


The center island in your closet will also typically act as the main focal point of the area. As a result, it can be fun to decorate this storage piece to turn it into a design statement. Your closet should be a special place where you can relax and get ready for your day in peace. To achieve this, consider adding a vase of flowers, some framed pictures, or a stack of coffee table books to the top of your center island. You could also place a small trinket dish for stray jewelry and a pretty tray to hold your perfumes. These little details will help to tie your closet together and truly make it feel like yours.

Give Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston a call to arrange your free, in-home design consultation! We would love to help you design the closet of your dreams, beginning with the perfect center island.

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