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Preparing Your Garage for Summer

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custom garage storage slatwall Franklin, MA

custom garage storage slatwall Franklin, MAAlthough the latest batch of Nor’easters would have us believe that we’re in the thick of winter, we are holding out hope for warmer summer days ahead. Get ready for all of the fun-filled Boston summer activities by tending to your garage now. Having a place for everything and knowing exactly where it is when you need it will make the activities so much more enjoyable for your family!

From yard tools and pool floats to volleyball nets and baseball gloves, create a place for everything and be ready to go when fun calls with these tips to help get your garage organized for summer fun!

4 Summer Garage Storage Tips

  • Up and Away – Keeping items on shelves and in storage bins off the ground ensures they will stay clean and dry, and keep your garage clutter free. A slatwall storage system with adjustable racks, baskets, and hooks, is the perfect solution and allows endless arrangements and flexibility to corral all your items. 
  • Custom Shelving – For overflow items like extra sheets, bedding, clothes, and seasonal decorations, the garage is a common place to store these items. A Boston garage organization company like Closet & Storage Concepts can work with you to create a custom shelving system for your garage that will help organize your space and give you a place to keep everything out of the way, This will give you plenty of usable space so even your car can fit into your garage!
  • Organize Summer Toys – A sports rack with hooks and baskets can help organize your garage and keep all your summer toys and sports equipment together in one spot for easy use. Utilize well-placed baskets for swimming pool toys, sunscreen, beach bags, and other summer gear so it’s ready to go when you are.
  • Create a Summer Activity Area – Create a fun place for you and the kids to work on your favorite hobby during summer break. A custom workbench filled with drawers and cabinets so there is a place for everything from toys to craft supplies will encourage your family to be creative and keep everything tidy and organized.

If you think this sounds good in theory, but get overwhelmed when you look at your messy garage, you are not alone. Storage and organization companies like Closet & Storage Concepts in Franklin can help design and create the perfect organizational solution for your garage. Maximize your garage and organize your family with a custom storage solutions today and get ready for summer fun!

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